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01 November 2009

sunday's music - november 1, 2009

It's been quite some time since I participated in Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival. It's good to be back!

I'd laid out the music for today's service a while back, long before I got the sermon topic and outline from our senior pastor. It was extra cool that he happened to be speaking on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, and the focus of the music was the return of Christ and the beauty and awe of His holiness. Here's our list of music:
  • Sing to the King (Charles Horne/Billy Foote) - key of E - It was Jan Owen who introduced me to this song several years ago. It's based on a hymn that was written in 1910, though the melody is completely different.
  • Before the Throne of God Above (Charitie Bancroft) - key of D - I'd never known it, but this one was written 'way back in 1865, and apparently was first sung with the tune to "Sweet Hour of Prayer". The modern musical rendition is quite different, and in my opinion, delivers a far, far more accurate "feeling" than the older tune. You've really got to listen to this clip of the SPIN 360 version of this song from volume 45. Unbelievably powerful.
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (traditional) - key of D - All about God. What better to sing about? This song paints fantastic visual imagery of God's holiness.
  • Sanctuary (John Thompson/Randy Scruggs) - key of D/E - Continuing with the theme of God's throne, this song was a reminder that we are the body of Christ, and until the new Heaven and new Earth, we are His living place. (I didn't want to say "dwelling place")
  • Glory to God Forever (Steve Fee/Vicky Beeching) - key of G - Not sure why I've waited so long for us to introduce this song. Sinple and with a slightly repetitive chorus, it doesn't bother me to repeat the words "Glory to God forever!" a bunch of times. (We should have played this one in the key of A, by the way. B, the original key, is slightly too high for large group singing and G was too low.) The link for this song goes to's $0.99 MP3 download. I encourage you to begin using this song as a vehicle for corporate worship.
The choir closed with a song with a Southern Gospel feel: "God Says You're Gonna Make It". Similar underlying theme to the congregational songs, with a tighter focus on standing firm because of the hope that we have.

It's an amazing privilege to be able to sing in worship to our Creator with those who know Him. It's always a huge prayer that those people who don't know Him but still attend services would respond as the Spirit draws them.


jendakerr said...

Sing to the King is a huge anthem in my church.. we still play it All the time...
sounds like a great service!

Anonymous said...

Dean - great set. I'm often amazed at how the Holy Spirit leads in song selection!

Leroy said...

Tap, tap...hellooooooo Dean. Hearing crickets... :)

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