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03 October 2009

when coffee grounds attack

For some time now, I've been looking for the perfect analogy for that deal when coffee grounds get into your coffee. If you're a coffee drinker, this has surely happened to you. What's the thing you remember about that cup of coffee? How good it was? Probably not. Even if it was otherwise perfect, the process of picking/spitting grounds out of one's mouth seems to supersede any thoughts of how the coffee itself actually tasted.

Finally, the wife of staunch friend and commenter Leroy presented the perfect analogical material: don't try to ruin a great movement of God by getting legalistic, because that's bound to leave residue.

For background, Leroy is one of those hardcore Christ-following friends who gets all kinds of brain matter from me. He's good about being wise and telling me that I'm nuts, that I might just be onto something, or that I should stop talking and do something, a la the People's Front of Judaea (Python fans will understand this). One of a handful of great thermostat kinds of friends. Apparently his wife is at least that wise.

If you've been following this blog, you'll have seen some ideas that run counter to typical modern church cultural thinking. I have pointed out several ideas, activities, and philosophies in the Church that I hope I've shown (by using Scripture) are not in line with Scripture. I intend to be vocal about those things and active where action is required.

However, I've found that in the process of trying to make the coffee just right (which usually means "strong enough"), it's very easy to put so much raw coffee in there that it winds up tainting the end product.

My goal is the centrality, glory, and fame of Jesus Christ, and for every person alive, more than head knowledge of a god, but a relationship (a corporate relationship as well as an individual one) with the singular God of creation.

I think I pollute that sometimes by helping God along (just in case He needs it, you know).


Leroy said...

Thanks for the props brother. Since I'm not a true Python fan, I'll have to just say the thermostat thingy is mutual. As for my wife...she's half the man I am. :)

(That IS a complement by the way. It simply means that I would never have reached many of my "goals" had it not been for her.)

GTD said...

Dadgumit. I hate coming back to center!

- Leroy's wife's daughter's SS teacher last year.

Leroy said...

Uhhh, Leroy's wife's daughter is also Leroy's daughter. Just in case that raised any questions. :)

Is that you SB?

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