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22 August 2009

Our Creator

I got up this morning, sat on the deck in the back yard, and fired up 1 Chronicles 11 at to start reading. I thanked God and prayed over a few people and situations, and was about to read, but before I could get started I looked at the trees and the field behind my house and saw the stunningly beautiful world that God made.

My mind zoomed back to a DVD my family watched last night; Louie Giglio speaking about the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, the amazingly microscopic intricacies of our bodies, and through it all, amazement at our Creator and His love for us.

I'm willing to bet that exactly zero of you will watch all five parts of the video below (they're a little over 40 minutes, total), but I think I'm going to have a get-together at my house to watch the DVD. I wasn't too enthralled at the very beginning, but like me, as you get past the first few minutes of the intro, I'm sure you'll begin to be amazed. (A note to those who have... distaste for Louie Giglio: you'll find no aberrant theology in these videos.)

Here's part two.

Here's part three.

Here's part four.

Here's part five.


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