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09 August 2009

Haiti Day 6

At 8:20 this morning Dave and I headed down to the church meeting house and began to set up sound equipment for the service, which begins at 9:30 each Sunday. There was a good deal of stuff to set up, since the typical Saturday night rehearsal didn't happen due to musician absences.

The service today was beautifully exciting. Can a guy say that and be okay? Although I was very familiar with allmof the sings we sang, they were mostly in different keys; much higher ones! Claudelle is amazing in that high range (he's amazing vocally in general). We sang "Friend of God," "Lord, I Lift Yout Name on High," "Here I Am to Worship," "Breathe," and "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever."

Later we went to the village of Souse Matla again, this time to see the water source and spend time with some of the children in the village. While Stephan, one of the members of the team that arrived yesterday, told a bible story to the kids, I had to say "no" quite a number of times to requests for "one dollar", gum, my sunglasses (one told me he was having problems with his eyes and it was caused by the sun. Only after praying with him did I realize that he wanted my glasses. I'm slow.), and my wedding ring. One eventually felt comfortable calling me "Dad" -- long story, part of an effort to get me to pay for his schooling. This is not unusual at all. After a little while I got to play slap-hands (or whatever) with some of the boys. They progressively got older; one would see me playing with a younger kid and then challenge me. I love that game. I don't know if they expected a tourist to win. It was very enjoyable! We headed back home after spending a little while there (and after I'd stuck my foot in a pig's miry mud/poo(?) mixture).
I'm teaching a new friend named Jean Mark, an orphan who came here in 2006 (he'll be 13 on August 30), how to play some of my awesomest guitar chords. He's good! Speaks English very well, too.

We met Kermit Alexander tonight. I believe he's most famous for making a play that ended fellow pro footbal player Gale Sayers' career. The movie "Brian's Song" has actual footage of the play, he tells me. Kermit and his wife Tammy are fantastically enjoyable people to be around, and so are their adopted children, a couple (all?) of whom are Haitian. The Alexanders regularly support work in Haiti through Mission of Hope.

Got to talk with Fearless Leader Sarah about why she's here, what makes her tick, etc., and Dave and I wound up getting to see some extremely funny videos and I got to hang out briefly with Mango the Cat before we all headed to bed. 

That's about all for day six. I forgot to journal in real time, so this is a bit shorter than usual.  


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