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05 June 2009

Worship Team Meeting

I was resource hunting yesterday and stumbled upon a skit by blogger Paul Wilkinson.

The play is entitled Worship Team Meeting and is "an attempt to answer the question, 'Was worship always this complicated?'" It centers around Asaph approaching David before the Sabbath and talking about the upcoming music. Previews:

ASAPH: But surely, the Spirit of the Lord only reveals [the songs for the Sabbath] to you as we are at worship. How can we know this now?

DAVID: Actually, I’ve been giving that some thought and it occurred to me that if the Spirit of God can inspire us as we worship Him, truly He can not also inspire us to choose those songs a few days ahead?

And another...

DAVID: What if we do [“Moses’ Song of Triumph” from Exodus] before the time of worship has actually begun? As people are gathering. A sort of pre-service song.

ASAPH: To what end?

DAVID: Just to help people get in the mood for worship.

ASAPH: ”Get in the mood?”

DAVID: Hey, I’m King. We’ll try this.

Hilarious, but stingingly convicting.


David said...

As you note, hilarious yet convicting.

Like all good conviction should be.

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