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14 June 2009

Sunday's Music - June 14, 2009

It's my pleasure to be able to share with you what we sang at Wall Highway this morning. 46 weeks ago Fred McKinnon kicked off a great way for those who lead music to be able to share what they're doing at their different fellowships. This is part of that continuing venture -- Sunday Setlists, week 47.

Our team today:
Dave on drums
Ryan on keyboard and piano
George on bass
Jessi on vocals
Jordan on vocals
Donnie on electric guitar
Me on acoustic guitar and vocals

Glory to the Lord (Lynn Deshazo) - key of C#m/Dm - If you don't know this slightly older song, you've really got to hit the link and buy it for a measley $0.99. I was at a concert when Don Moen played this song and it smacked me in the face, becoming one of my favorite corporate worship/praise songs ever, and it still is. I remember getting home from that concert and hunting the song down, finding it, and wondering why in the world anyone would write a piano-based song in C#m. Also, as I recall, years ago this was the first song in which we had a guitar solo at Wall Highway.

Let the Praises Ring (Lincoln Brewster) - key of E - It's been a while since we sang this one. Too long.

It's Time for the Reign of God (Brian Doerksen / Steve Mitchinson) - key of E - Week three of this song that I "discovered" by looking at Randy Neufeld's Sunday Setlists a few months ago. We'll be using this one in regular rotation now that it's become very familiar. Powerful song!

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (traditional) - key of G - This song contrasted our punyness with the majesty of God. It's the miraculous part -- the God we'd just sung about carries out His work here by using people. We are amazingly privileged. I mentioned Psalm 27 before we sang this song: "The LORD is my light and my salvation -- so why should I be afraid?"

Not to Us (Chris Tomlin / Jesse Reeves) - key of A - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say that this song, too, is a favorite. But it is (I must have a few thousand favorites). If you haven't looked at these lyrics in a while, it's high time to do so.

Worthy of Praises (Lynn Deshazo) - key of D - Lynn Deshazo writes some of the most powerful songs out there. We played this one for the first time when we presented the Don Moen musical "Thank You, Lord" last year. We sang it as a Sanctuary Choir special today but we'll be putting it into regular rotation now. Unfortunately we had to do it without the pan flute-sounding instrument. Boooo!

SIDE NOTE: A few weeks ago I was extremely bummed, alarmed, and disappointed that people spontaneously stood for "God Bless the USA", when I rarely seemed to see the same reverence and awe for God during services. However, it dawned on me today (really, it's rather idiotic of me) that I never give our people a chance to sit during the music! They can't spontaneously stand! D'oh! I had them seated in the middle of the services today, and in neither service did they remain that way. It was beautiful!

FULL DISCLOSURE: In the early service, my voice went south long before the music was over. I've had a serious sinus infection type of condition since Friday. After we sat down in the first service, I posted this on Twitter: "Tweeting while @harrisjoshua is preaching from John 6. My voice is shot! Praying it wasn't a distraction during the music for this service." I was called down by a fellow Christ-loving tweep who chastised me for twittering during a service. She said that it might push people away from Christ. I disagree, particularly given the content of my tweet, but I understand what she's saying.

By the way, Josh was in the middle of his visual illustration using sardines and crackers. I was paying attention.


Jim Drake said...

Looks like it was a DeShazo day Deano.

Love "Let The Praises Ring"--one of my all time faves. I'm discovering some oldies that we haven't sung in a while on my ipod on my morning walks..they are making their way back into the summer set lists.

Hope your voice is better.

ellen said...

I really enjoyed your notes on the songs, I will have to check some of these out.

David said...

I always enjoy your worship posts Dean...and today's side note was a real "ahh!!" moment too :) Must do the same.

Worship Dude said...

Some great songs that I don't know. I'm gonna ck them out. I guess I didn't realize, for some reason, that you had two services. I might have just forgot. So do you have a 3 hr format with SS sandwiched in the middle or just a 2 hr format like us?

Also, who's the guy that preached yesterday, is he on staff?

Also, also, I believe you when you say you were paying attention!

Have fun and hope you feel better,

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, all! Jim, elsewhere it seemed to be a Kari Jobe day. Have listened to a couple of songs I wasn't familiar with.

steff said...

I'm going to have to check out"Glory to the Lord" when I can get to a computer (can't listen to it from my phone).Hope you feel better soon.Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else love Not To Us. It's one of Tomlin's best for me! We used to sneak in Filter's Do You Want to Take My Picture riff in as well. They're so close together :)

And I think twittering in church is legit. Tweet away :)

Lori Biddle said...

This looks like a great list! (I text sometimes during the service) Confession time...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Side Note! Something that never really occurred to me either.

I've had sinus issues messing with my vox lately, too. A cold I can handle, but it's really frustrating when "stuff" makes your voice hit notes you didn't intend to, or cut out altogether. That stinks - praying you're back in top form quickly.

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