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10 June 2009


I'll tell more about today's trip with my parents and brother, but I wanted to quickly pass along a couple of signs that we saw today. I'm not happy with my potential captions, so I'll just give you the raw data...

Praise Jesus Salon of Cosmetology

State Inspection Stickers


Alaina said...

Daddy, I think that that is very Funny!
I'm goin 2 tell u all the thingz I like about u!
1.Smart 2.Nice 3.Creative 4.Have Good Hand Writing 5.That Your My Father 6.Funny 7.Your Wardrobe 8. That Your Playful 9.That Your The Music Minister 10.That You Have A Dell Lap-Top 11.That You Have A Blog 12.That You Have A I-Phone That's it! I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Lusk said...


I love you, too! I'll get started on my list about you!

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