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07 June 2009

Apology Issued in San Diego Bible Study Situation

In case you haven't seen the developing news, have a look at this article from Baptist Press (hat tip to my dad). This concerns the story we heard a week or so ago in which David Jones, a pastor in San Diego, and his wife were told to stop having Bible studies in their home unless they paid mega-fees to have a "religious assembly". The county issued an "Oops" statement and actually apologized!

From the article:

San Diego officials have apologized and rescinded a cease-and-desist order after a pastor and his wife were told they would have to apply for a permit that could cost thousands of dollars if they wanted to continue hosting a small Bible study in their home.

. . .

In a letter to [the pastor and his wife] and [one of their attorneys] June 3, the county's chief administrative officer said the order was wrongfully issued and the county would conduct a review of its code enforcement officer training.

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Christy said...

That's great. Thanks for the update.

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