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23 May 2009

What if Most Christians are Wrong?

The darker side of my humor enjoys the cartoon depicted by Gary Larsen in which an enormous pile of bodies is mounting next to a building where a person is poised on the edge, ready to leap. The caption reads, “If everybody jumped off the Empire State Building, after a while it wouldn’t hurt so bad.”

...from the first paragraph of an older post by a guy I follow on Twitter, named Brandon Cox (or @brandonacox, if you tweet). I've come to enjoy the wide variety of updates he sends. Today he sent a link to a blog he'd posted, and at the bottom of that post was the title of another blog post that piqued my interest: "What If Most Christians Are Wrong?"

So for my post today I refer you to Brandon's: What If Most Christians Are Wrong?

I don't completely agree with some of his observations, but in spite of slight disagreement, I'm right on the same page with Brandon Cox's sentiments. The post made me rethink some things I consider to be sacred cows in the Church.

For instance, when I think of "traditionalism", I think of uptight people in suits (no offense to anyone there; I wear suits sometimes) who don't want a podium or flag moved for a Sunday service. However, Cox essentially points out that today's young, hipster church-types have essentially created a new traditionalism: Abercrombie & Fitch clothes, "pseudo-Christian/gothic tattoos", etc. He doesn't mention the essential thick plastic-frame glasses. (And I was relieved that my favorite clothes are from Rue 21, with an occasional Aeropostale shirt thrown in.)

It's a fantastic post. It made me think about my own life. When I was a punk teenager I didn't like "conformist." So what did I do? I conformed to another crowd -- the black trenchcoat-wearing long-haired one (I liked this crowd, by the way; I wasn't doing it just to be non-conformist).

I'm interested in your feedback. If you give the post a read and only have time for one comment, though, be certain it's at Brandon's blog. Then if you have time, come back here and leave one.


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