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25 May 2009

Sunday's Music - May 24, 2009

Always interested in your feedback on new Sunday Setlists banners. This week's is a take-off on my Twitter page theme. Fred McKinnon is using one of them this week at the Mother of All Sunday Setlists Posts! Woo! I feel slightly famous.

I was excited and a little apprehensive about Sunday's music. We introduced a new (to us) song that I found thanks to Randy Neufeld's blog -- "It's Time for the Reign of God". Powerful song; incredible lyrics and a tune that is instantly and intuitively singable. But we did "We're Marching to Zion", which I've loved as we've sort of resurrected it over the past year, but I think it's time to pull it out of rotation for a while. I felt like it might be getting less worshipful and more old by now.

Here's music from our Sunday services at Wall Highway:

God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood) - key of Db - Yes, key of Db (every guitarist's favorite key, I'm sure). I took it to Thursday night's rehearsal in Eb, but for the sake of the soloist's range (the singer was Kaitlyn -- wonderful voice!) we dropped it a whole step. Kaitlyn's dad Steve played trumpet on the song.

I still question my wisdom in including this song in a worship service. I am very deliberate about not praising a country in a meeting where we're focusing on God the Father. People stood to their feet in both services near the end of the song. While it's done on occasion, it's rare that people stand in reverence to God during a song (usually that's because I've already got them standing). That didn't give me a warm fuzzy.

It's Time for the Reign of God (Brian Doerksen / Steve Mitchinson) - key of E - if you lead music at your fellowship of believers and you're not using this song, it needs to be the next one you bring in.

We're Marching to Zion (Isaac Watts / Robert Lowry) - key of E - Like I mentioned above, I love this song, but I believe it's time to retire it. I was super-energized about it when we revitalized it a year or so ago.

I Exalt Thee (Pete Sanchez) - key of E - A time-honored chorus, with good reason. Simple words that immediately enable believers to speak/sing to God from a position of lowliness. (Link goes to a phenomenal piano arrangement.)

I Need You More (Lindell Cooley / Bruce Haynes) - key of D/E - This was the first time we'd sung this one at Wall Highway. Similar to I Exalt Thee, its lyrics offer a simple and accessible corporate prayer.

I played electric guitar yesterday in services for the first time (as far as I can remember). Loved it! I'm not a lead player, but that's not what was called for yesterday. Played my Ibanez Talman (mine's like this, only it's black). Bought it used for $200. One of the best investments I've made other than a Gibson Les Paul Studio the year they came out (new for $600 -- sold it for the same, unfortunately, and wish I still had it).

This is, once again, part of the inimitable Fred McKinnon's brainchild, Sunday Setlists. This is week 44!


David (@dg4G) said...

I love your banners Dean.

And your sets - always giving me new stuff to seek out and see if it will work in our church. I think that's the thing I love about the setlists carnival the most :)

Leroy said...

While I know they don't do it for the praise, the WHBC worship team (Unashamed) is probably the best I've seen in all the churches I've ever attended (member or guest). Unbelievable talent and they use it for God's glory!

Tony M said...

Not that it matters, but didn't you once play electric on the CTW song (I did the acoustic, after you "approved" my doing the "funky acoustic part" - for some reason the name of the song eludes me right now, I think it had been a choir piece first, then moved to congregational use) since the regular electric players couldn't be there that day? After that, you switched back to acoustic for the main "worship set."

And I agree with Leroy - the WHBC Worship Team is great. I miss you guys! (of course, Faith Family Fellowship's worship team is pretty good too!)

Anonymous said...

Love the banner. Can you help me redo my blog????

I know what you mean about the "God Bless the USA" - sometimes we confuse being American with being Christian.

I'll look up that Brian Doerkson between geting prepped for a mission trip, writing training curriculum, and - of course - kickboxing!

Jan said...

Daniel's commment was not from Daniel, it was from ME. I didn't realize Daniel had used my computer and his blogger id was up!

Dean Lusk said...

David!! Great to have you comment! I need to get a link up for your site. You'd be my first Aussie link. :-)

Leroy, thank you. Very kind. Accurate? Not so sure...

Tony, always the stick in the mud, eh? :-) Actually, just a sharp mind. What's the "CTW song"? Any idea yet? "Change the World"? I must have done that, though I don't remember it. And maybe this was the first time I used it for a whole couple of services...?

Janiel, I would love to help on the blog! I'll try to even be timely. In your upcoming free time (har har har!!!) get with me and we can at least get it rolling. I'm thinking of going to WordPress. The look is so much more slick and pro.

You definitely need to be doing "It's Time..." -- I think it would be perfect for your fellowship.

Tony M said...

No, wasn't that one... I think there was an "F" in the title. But I could be wrong. I can't believe I STILL can't think of it, as I like the song!

Tony M said...

Oh, yeah... I think it was on one of the "pamphlet" type choir pieces you got, maybe with an orange cover? Not that it matters.

Tony M said...

"Your Grace Is Enough" - that's the one. You did electric on that one "way" back sometime in 2008 (Summer, I think), before we'd headed south. I did the acoustic. It was the call to worship, and the regular electric players were all unavailable, and you said something about it really needed the electric, but were apprehensive about doing electric while leading. I think we ALL encouraged you to go ahead since it was "only the call to worship" and then you switched back to acoustic for the main "worship set."

Enjoyed the worship today!

Dean Lusk said...

Okay... Second time. :)

And I guess either people are more relaxed or that boundary is now gone. I really enjoy playing electric.

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