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17 May 2009

Sunday's Music - May 17, 2009

Today was Graduates' Day at Wall Highway. I made the mistake of telling a couple of people during the week that "the seniors will be leading the music," and the response was typically something like, "So all hymns?"

If you're a friend of mine and I've been at a service like this when you graduated, please forgive me when I say that today was, hands down, the best service of its kind I've ever participated in. The best way to describe it is to say that it honored our graduates but it entirely showcased God. And I mean "showcased" in the sense of "tremendously glorified".

My fellow servant Jake Woods (and soon-to-be-summer intern) led the music, playing electric (he didn't use his Flying V today) with Sarah T. on vocals and acoustic, Zack N. on drums (I didn't even know he played, and he was phenomenal!), and the lone non-senior, Cameron D., on bass.

(Jake has a blog, so I think it's kosher to reveal his last name)

When I looked at the order of service, which the seniors and teachers planned, I made a mental note that it looked a little fragmented. That is, there was a lot going on; start-and-stop, things like that. I'm not one who thinks that we have to have a smooth, perfect script for "worship" to happen, but I thought that today might be distractingly choppy. I was wrong. It was incredible to be there.

This post is really about music, but I have to commend the seniors. In each service a senior stood on stage, with a screen behind them showing about 30 Scripture references, and for four minutes, people in the congregation were asked to randomly call out a reference, and the senior would say the verse (Megan C in the first service and Sarah T in the second). It was amazing. This is truly what it means to hide God's Word in our hearts; to write His commands on the doorposts of our hearts. I was shamed at myself and proud of those girls. I can't help thinking that hundreds of others had the same reaction, too.

On to the music; short song list today.

He Reigns (Peter Furler / Steve Taylor) - key of E - I remember the first Sunday we did this one. I'd recently started leading and was paranoid that this song would be over the top and I'd be fired. :-)

Not To Us (Chris Tomlin) - key of A - An all-time favorite. Not many songs directly describe why in the world we live, breathe, sing, etc. like this one does.

Take Me In (Dave Browning) - key of E - In how many posts can I legally say the phrase "one of my favorites"? Interesting fact: though this song was made popular by Kutless a few years ago on their "Strong Tower" CD, it's actually a relatively ancient song as far as contemporary music goes. It was written in 1987!

Sarah T sang the commitment/response song. I'd forgotten about this one...

Came to My Rescue (Marty Sampson / Joel Davies / Dylan Thomas) - key of C - A beautiful, awe-inspiring prayer.

Interested in knowing how your Sunday went! Today's post is part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival. This is week 43.


steff said...

We had our Graduate Recognition this week too. I love the fact that your youth were so involved in the service.Have a great week.

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, Steff! Heading over to your place to see what happaned. I spent the day mostly off of the computer yesterday (for a change) so I didn't get to read everyone else's Sunday accounts, but the computer downtime was amazingly refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Computer downtime = essential. We must have at least a 24 hour period each week when that happens (despite all our friends claiming it doesn't...we just schedule stuff to make it look like we're around)

Came To My Rescue is a beautiful song - love it!

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