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10 May 2009

Sunday's Music - May 10, 2009

I've missed a whopping two Sundays of contributions to Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlist blog carnival. Here's my jump back in, on week #42!

Both the 9:30 and 11:00 services were opened with baptism (appropriately, children being baptized!). Our children's choirs followed with two songs - "I Can Do All Things" and "This is My Father's World".

I need to digress first and note that our 48-channel Soundcraft board was dead when we arrived this morning. The whole team adjusted quickly; we prepared to go acoustic (drummer on congas, instruments turned down, etc.) while our sound man on rotation, Mark Wensyel, took care of dropping in our old Mackie 24-channel board in its place. Amazingly, we stayed on schedule! Our band rehearsal went great and the children's choirs were able to rehearse, as well. I'd be surprised if anyone other than those of us who were on hand early had a clue that we'd had a major system tweak.

The message was brought just after the children's choirs; we placed the music after the sermon for a change. I loved it this way. The invitation/response time was opened with Melissa, one of our sopranos, singing "Jesus, Lover of My Soul". This is a bit more spartan than usual, but here are the songs that we had the privilege of presenting (a little 90's feeling -- I loved it).

Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It's All About You) (Paul Oakley) - key of Bb

Let the River Flow (Darrel Evans) - key of E

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (Martin Smith) - key of E

Let Everything that Has Breath (Matt Redman) - key of E

We intermissed (is that a word?) here to present gifts to three mothers in each service: the oldest mother, the mother with the most children present, and the mother with the youngest child. To send our people out to be the Church for the week, we closed with...

Higher Ground (Johnson Oatman) - key of G - You need to visit the link for the author there for one of my favorite comparison photos.

How was your Mothers Day?


Justin said...

Great service- I love all those songs some of them i haven't heard in forever! Let the River flow? Very 90s haha!
Love Jesus Lover of My Soul

Dean Lusk said...

:-) It's still crazy to me when I realize a song from '94 is now fifteen years old!

By the way, I don't think I heaped enough praise on Mark W for getting us rolling so cleanly. He did a phenomenal job.

jendakerr said...

It is great to hear children sing.. especially fitting on mom's day!
Love the lay of your blog by the way.. sweet couch at top!

Anonymous said...

Great setlist. Man, those are solid songs. Kudos to your technical crew for pulling off the old switcheroo.

steff said...

A children's baptism on Mother's Day, that is a great idea.

Wow! Impressive pulling off a board switch and still having time for rehearsal.

I love "It's all about You"!

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