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30 May 2009

Poll Closes in Three Days!

Be sure to look at the right side of the screen and cast a vote if you haven't! You know, you can vote for multiple items. I like it when people make their polls like that, so I did it. It totally skews the results, but it's more fun that way (and this poll is just for fun).

Link to the shirt design is here.

If you want to pay me excessive amounts of money to design a shirt, click "E-MAIL ME" at the top of the page and send me info on what you're looking for. Actually, I won't charge you. Not unless you're insanely loaded and have nothing else to spend your cash on.

Oops. Gotta go. I have to go repair the kids' tattered shoes again. I won't have to do this when we can afford to get them some new ones... :-)


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