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22 May 2009

New Shirt Design -- Your Input Desired

I designed a new graphic and I'm about to be ordering some shirts for our worship team, which is officially named "Unashamed" (that's the team name, not the shirts' name). Below is a preview, with shirt layout courtesy of Misty at CornerStone Printware (the place you should absolutely go for anything like this). I've put a poll in place in the right-hand column to get your feedback. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll pay any attention to what you say, because I can be pretty hard-headed. At the very least, I thought a poll might be entertaining.

Here it is, presented as it will be on the shirts:

If you'd like to be in on getting one of these shirts, e-mail me and I'll notify you of pricing and our timetable for getting them ordered. There will likely be a few more tweaks before an order is placed.


michaelchunn said...

I think it looks great! I think the line at the top that refers to the worship team looks out of place a little. If you removed that then anyone that is not on the team could get a shirt unless that defeats your purpose.

Cecily said...

I agree with Mike. The line about the worship team doesn't flow with the rest of the design. But I'm not sure where you can move it to, to make it work.

Design-wise, I like it(other than the placement of that one line). But if I were a 40-something woman on the worship team, I don't think I'd want to wear it. It's definitely a "guy" shirt... or a teenage girl shirt. However, the gals on your team may be more "hip" than me! :-)

Dean Lusk said...

Great advice! Maybe I could do a limited, gold-foil collectors' run with "The Wall Highway Worship Team" at the top. :-)

On the male/female thing, here's what I wrote in a team e-mail regarding the shirt:

"I'm attaching a preview of a near-final new shirt design for '09. It is decidedly 'young male' oriented, so I don't know if it's going to have broad appeal.

"Ladies, if you'd like a feminine sort of shirt (polo-style or T-shirt), put your heads together and get back with me on what sort of look and style you'd like it to have."

Blogger and team member Christy sent this link back to me as an example of a good, feminine shirt design.

Heh heh...

Dean Lusk said...

Oh, wait... She wasn't talking about a dead terrier print. She was talking shirt style. Never mind.

Please move along; nothing to see here...

Tony M said...

Maybe two versions: one with and one without the worship team script. As mentioned, this would then be a generic "Christian" shirt that looks pretty cool by itself.

Maybe you could do the worship team script on the back? And make it optional?

Craig said...

I think I would go with the idea of putting the worship team on the back...order one without the worship team info for me, unless you would consider making me a honorary member!

Anonymous said...

WWJS "What would Jesus Say?"

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