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08 May 2009

Movie Review: "Star Trek"

It's with some hesitation that I post a video from The Onion, an irreverent satire outlet. I doubt that this video will offend anyone's sensitivities unless they're a harcore Star Trek fan (I consider myself to be pretty close to that level, but kept laughing throughout).

I had removed the video because of an offensive word in the "crawler" at the bottom, but after some thinking, I've decided to leave the video embedded, but I've moved it to the bottom of the post. If you're offended by seeing a heavy slang word in print (in the bottom margin of the video), don't watch it.

I highly recommend seeing Star Trek. It was amazingly good. I'm used to seeing movies that I enjoy, receiving poor or average scores at sites like RottenTomatoes, but this one got a whopping 96% rating overall!

A short gratuitous lewd part was in the flick. I understand that it was part of character development (really), but would love to have seen the movie without that kind of suggestiveness ("suggestive" isn't the right word, really, but for a guy sitting there it will be rather easy for the mind to wander).

Die-hard fans will surely leave the theater a little annoyed at the way some things play out. One showcased relationship, in particular, was just dumb, but there is no denying that this movie breathes new life into the franchise while respecting (though tampering with) its history.


Christy said...

That's funny and actually makes me want to see the movie more than the trailers have. ;0)

Nomad said...

the new Star Trek freakin rocks; love the new energy and and more "youthful" feel

Dean Lusk said...

COFFEE Nomad, eh?! You and I will hit it off nicely! :-)

I thought you were a die-hard Trekker (you know, the old episode with "Nomad" in it).

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