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07 May 2009


The story is told of a billionaire who decided to buy a small company and rework it from the ground up (he was a rather nice billionaire and kept the entire group of employees). He changed the way the company marketed itself, distributed its product, and many other areas, transforming it into a business that became more than three times as profitable as it originally was. (That story is told because I just told it.)

How about if we take the same scenario, but instead of a billionaire, it's the original owner who decides to forge ahead? Problem is, this is a man who's diligent but is scraping to get by. He pours all of his assets (and them some) into the company, not knowing for sure if the move will work. He doesn't even have a fall-back plan -- everything rides on the success of this move. And finally, it works!

If you had to choose, which of these two scenarios most accurately displays boldness to you? lists this as its first definition of "boldness": a: fearless before danger : intrepid b: showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit

What do Christians typically mean when they pray for "boldness"? (That is, if we find ourselves praying for boldness...) Any ideas?


Dusty Chris said...

When I pray for boldness, I am praying for the courage to do something God wants me to do that I don't want to. If God requires me to do something, then it is up to Him to give me the courage/boldness to accomplish the task. It is hard for me to do it on my own.

Great post.

Christy said...

When I pray for boldness, I'm asking for God to give me the courage not to hold back when I feel the Holy Spirit telling me to witness or do something that doesn't make sense to me or others. I'm asking Him to help me not care what the consequences will be if I speak the truth in love (typically the fear is that someone will become angry or even laugh at me).

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