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18 April 2009

What Not to Wear

I just got back from running sound at a fashion show -- What Not to Wear (not sure how long the link will remain up). For real. And it was great! Unfortunately I somehow suckered my buddy, commenter, and guest blogger Leroy into handling sound last night, which turned out to be a nightmare show from a tech perspective. Mine was easy and fun. Thank you, Leroy. I owe you a steak, and I'm glad that you finally found out that your "soft" tones will no longer allow you to wear black.

I want to commend both the SHE (ladies' ministry) leadership team at Wall Highway and Shari Braendel, the featured speaker. It was a four-hour event and I was thinking these words on the way there this morning: "Four hours??" It actually went by all too quickly, and the things that were taught were beneficial to the body of Christ (like, stop wearing low-cut tops -- it's a distraction and isn't cute), and I assume they were helpful to the ladies regarding what -- and what not -- to wear (like, no horizontal stripes on larger people).

I also got to play fun music at random. I'm thankful I took my laptop because I had a decent library of applicable bumper music: "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran, "Looks that Kill" by Motley Crue, "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men (seriously -- it worked at one point), etc. The real homerun, though, in my opinion, was having Chris Tomlin's "Come Home Running" to play at the close of the event after Shari shared her life story and encouraged a response to Christ.

I want to seriously encourage you to organize something just like this at your church fellowship. Have a look at Shari Braendel's site, and if you need info on how to organize it, contact one of the leaders of the SHE Community.


Christy said...

So are you deep or cool?

Dean Lusk said...

Both! :-)

Leroy said...

...*REALLY* big steak...

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