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28 April 2009

Waking the Dawn

In the mornings lately I've been using at a Bible study guide that's going through a Psalm every day, and it's surprising how "meaty" some of the study guides have been. Maybe not long enough, but really good and a couple have been scarily pertinent to the day's tasks and situations.

I read Psalm 57 today, and this verse stuck out at me:

Wake up, my heart!
    Wake up, O lyre and harp!
    I will wake the dawn with my song.
(Psalm 57:8, NLT)

So I got out my guitar (the closest thing I had to a lyre or harp) and in the early morning, while Venus was the only thing visible in the darkness of the eastern sky, sang prayers. Not spontaneous new ones I was making up, though that's an incredible thing to do, but some favorite songs that spoke directly to God. This is something I haven't done in a very long time. I understand why David woke the dawn with his song. Very intimate, and I don't think I could've expressed the same things with words alone.

Here are some songs that I've found to be expressive of my personal worship. I sang these and several more this morning. I highly recommend purchasing these individual songs if you don't already own them (links below go to at's MP3 store).

- You Have Been So Good - Paul Baloche
- The River - Broan Doerksen
- For All You've Done - Don Moen (not the more popular Hillsong song)
- It's Time for the Reign of God - Brian Doerksen (thanks to Randy Neufeld for introducing me to this song)


Jake Woods said...

I find myself doing the same thing quite often. I don't know, there's just something about sitting outside with a guitar on a cool morning and just praying to God through song.

Dean Lusk said...

I'm not sure whether God cringed or smiled sympathetically after some of the "special" early-morning notes I sang. :-)

Jan said...

what a special time with the Lord Dean! I'm so happy you shared about it. Wish I played well enough to accompany myself!

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