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30 April 2009

Then and Now

2,000 years ago, 12 men -- filled with the Spirit -- obeyed Jesus and He wound up using them to ignite massive change in the world (after He had started the massive change).

These days, every week churches send out 50, 100, 500, 1,000, or 10,000 people -- these are the people that attend services on Sunday and most, I believe, consider themselves to be Christians. If only a tiny fraction of those people had the same impact (and the same Spirit) as the apostles, wouldn't we see some fiery things happening?

Or has the world gotten so much better since Jesus' time that we don't need to see too much change?


Tony M said...

Yeah, I think the world's in a perfect state, just waiting on Jesus' return. (Sarcasm there, if you missed it.)

I wonder: where are the "modern" apostles? I suppose I should wonder, more, why am I not one of them? (Admission, while perhaps the first step, is far from all that is required to be one of them - that would be that whole "take up my cross daily and follow Him" and "if I love him, I should keep His commandments" stuff.) Of course, Jesus had his thousands of followers (on more than one occasion He fed His megachurches quite the pot-luck sea-food dinner, but it was only a small initial pot that He used), but it was the "mere" 12 that were actually committed that turned the world upside down (yes, following in His footsteps of change).

So, where are the modern apostles? And why am I not making such an impact on the world around me? After all, who have I inside me but the very spirit of God... is there anything I can't do?

Leroy said...

Part of the problem, IMO, is that 'many' *think* they are Christians when in reality 'many' are not. Therefore they have no desire (or understanding) to do what is required.

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