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12 April 2009

Sunday's Music - April 12, 2009 - Resurrection Sunday!

I think that Fred McKinnon summed up today's services perfectly in one short phrase in his post today: "Today people all over the world celebrated the biggest victory of Christian faith - that our God is alive. Death could not hold Him. The grave couldn’t contain Him."

Big team this morning! Three services (9:30, 11:00 sanctuary and 11:00 gym) -- our main team and choir led in each, and Josh W. and my lovely wife Callie opened the 11:00 gym service and closed the 11:00 sanctuary service. Our team this week (in addition to the choir):

Phillip T. - tenor vocal / lead vocal on "I Will Rise"
Jessi Y. - soprano vocal
Jordan C. - alto vocal
Dave B. - drums
Chris G. - bass
Shirley H. - percussion
Megan T. - piano
Anna P. - keyboards
Mark W./Lee F. - audio
Darryl D./Sean T./Jason M. - video/lighting
Me - lead vocal / acoustic guitar
Lee (our senior pastor) - the Word
Josh W. - vocals / acoustic guitar (separate team)
Callie L. - vocal (separate team)

Our music:

I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin / Louie Giglio / Jesse Reeves / Matt Maher) - key of G - Phillip Thompson sang this song beautifully. The choir stood to its feet when it sprung into the "And I hear the voice of many angels sing" part; very effective in conveying the sense of the majesty of God and our corporate worship of Him. I just wish that part had gone on longer. People had barely begun standing to their feet in the congregation when it was over. Thanks to Fred McKinnon and many, many others for recommending this song.

Arise (Don Moen / Paul Baloche) - key of E/F - Most guys absolutely have to sing a Chris Tomlin song every Sunday. For me it'd have to be Don Moen and/or Paul Baloche. This is not a song about the resurrection, but about lifting our praises to God.

Celebrate Jesus / Jesus Is Alive medley (Gary Oliver / Ron Kenoly, not Hillsong -- hence no Amazon link) - key of G/Eb - Sad as it is to say, though I love them, I believe we'll be retiring these songs now. They seem to be showing their age. (Age is not necessarily a bad thing.)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Charles Wesley / Dean Lusk) - key of A - The traditional hymn (possibly my favorite traditional hymn about the resurrection), with a chorus I wrote and am still thinking it could have had more theological depth. Musically I thought it worked well to help the song breathe, and lyrically I wanted us to be able to sing vertically to God.

Amazing Love (You Are My King) (Billy Foote) - key of D - I don't know if this song needs much written about it.

The band, vocal team, and choir played and sang phenomenally well. It was a blessing to be with the body of Christ to worship together today.

How did things go at your worship meeting?

This post is part of Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists blog carnival, week 38 (I still do not like calling these things "setlists). Links for songs typically go to, where you can purchase the MP3 for $0.99.


Justin said...

how awesome was that! sounded like you guys had an amazing sunday! which is always good to hear! :) I like those old songs- haven't played them in a long long time but that's neat to hear that someone is still doing them!

Russ Hutto said...

Great "song" list today! Thanks for sharing.

I have no problems with calling our lsit a setlist because that's what it is: the list of the set of songs we use for worship...thus a worship setlist. Shortened to setlist.

I know it might carry a "show" connotation for some.

Anyhoo. I'm right there with ya on Fred's quote. Awesome to see the diversity represented on all the blogs that participate, yet the same heart and mind: worshiping God!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if a church in America didn't do Christ the Lord is Risen Today? Ha :)
I'm not a huge fan of choirs but this is the Sunday to do it if you're going to. It sounds like it was effective for ya'll.

I'm ok with them being called set lists as well. I resisted for like the first week as the worship leader for our church but then I realized that the whole service is made up of different forms of worship not just the song portion and that's really just what it is, a list of the songs. (I also couldn't come up with a better name!)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep it short : ditto to Justin, Russ and Conner's comments.

Love the diversity we see in the bride of Christ :)

steff said...

The Easter Choir doing "I will Rise" is a totally awesome idea!
I would love to hear the chorus you wrote to Christ the Lord!
It sounds like you had a great Easter service!

dennarr said...

Great set list! Oops - we didn't do "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"! We did sing Celebrate Jesus! Also did Christ Arose...I never miss it after I Oops'd one year!

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, everyone! You know, the "setlist" thing is one that I've really been overly uptight about. I think I'll go ahead and just let it go now. :-)

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