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21 April 2009

Leaving Guntersville...

I think "Leaving Guntersville" would be a good name for a book or a movie, except for the fact that "Guntersville" is a really clunky-sounding name.

I thought I'd make a short post so you'd all know that I'm safe. Yes, you may stop worrying now. On Sunday afternoon our pastoral staff all loaded up and headed from Madison, AL to the neighboring town of Guntersville, a water-side pseudo-resort-ish burg. Our goal was to engage in prayer, Scripture reading, discussion, and long-range planning. We've definitely done all of the above, and today we're heading out with plans to golf before returning home.


I'm not a golf nut. The reason I'm not is that I never practice, yet I firmly believe that I should be an excellent golfer, and since I'm not, the game makes me mad. I love sports -- all of them, I think -- and there is simply no excuse, ever, for coming in second or worse. This is what my brain says. I don't get angry at other people for beating me; I get upset with myself for not doing better, or not doing what I feel is my best.

If you haven't picked up on the obvious spiritual parallel(s) by now, I might have to hit you. If I'm expecting to "know God's will," for instance, yet haven't spent more than an obligatory five minutes reading a devotional in the past week or two (or horrifyingly longer), it's laughable to think that I can know what He's preparing me to do or where I should plant my foot next. The same goes for any number of things: resistance to temptation, love for God, love for others, being ready "in season or out" to share the Word, etc.

Final note: my golf swing feels very unnatural (and probably looks that way, too). This is because I'm not used to putting my head knowledge (how to hold the club, eyes on the ball, left arm straight, yadda, yadda...) into practice. Again, it's ludicrous to think that my golf swing would feel "normal" if I never practice it.

Enough for now. Go have a great day!


Christy said...

Nice. Glad to hear the retreat went well.

Saidin said...

I like the picture. Did you make it?

Dean Lusk said...

I took that photo on my iPhone, actually. Took a number of photos. The area was beautiful. On the golf course now. I can't find a good photo app to let me do Twitpic, so I'll have to post more after I get home.

Leroy said...

I'm having a hard time picturing you playing golf. But you're reasoning for not playing golf (thinking you should be better than you are) is exactly why I stopped keeping score when I play.

Chrisitian maturity requires practice too.

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