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17 April 2009

If Star Wars Were a TV Show

From BabuLife, the blog of one of my most recent Twitter additions (@babusaada), comes a seriously funny YouTube link: If Star Wars were a TV Show. If you're old enough to have watched goofy TV shows in the late 70's, this will be extra special to you.

I'm not sure if it's etiquette for me to post the video since he's the one who "found" it (though I think sometimes we make the rules up as we go along), so I'm erring on the side of caution. Show Babu some luv and check out the video! (I think all modern worship pastors are supposed to have that not-really-a-goatee-or-beard thing below their bottom lip. Babu is continued evidence.)


Ben said...

Hey man! Thanks for the link love! :) And I recently begin adopting the traditional worshipy leader "patch" below the lip. Helps people identify me as a worship guy in a crowd.

Thanks again!

Christy said...

I would be a weekly watcher! Now I'm disappointed that it really isn't a TV show.

Jeff said...

Going to watch the video now...thanks for the link fun

oh yeah, I haven't shaved my full goatee back, yet, but I'm seriously considering it...I call it a "half-man-chu"

Preston N said...

Love the video! It combined the best of both worlds, cheesy 70's TV shows and Star Wars. Only thing missing is a commercial for some Ginsu Knives.

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