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30 March 2009

Sunday's Music - March 29, 2009

Welcome to EGBFD's entry into Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists blog carnival, week 36. Links for songs typically go to, where you can purchase the MP3 for $0.99 (usually).

Our team on rotation this week:
Me - vocals / acoustic guitar
Tom - tenor vocal
Jessi - soprano vocal
Jordan - alto vocal
John - drums
Chris - bass
Shirley - percussion
Megan - piano
Mark - audio
Darryl - video/lighting
Lee (our senior pastor) - the Word

Our music:

If We Are the Body (Mark Hall) - key of G - Today was the official dedication of our newly-remodeled preschool building, and I thought that this song was perfect to open such a service. It focused attention on the fact that our lives, our buildings, and everything we sometimes call our own are just tools to be used to serve God by serving others. Tom Parker sang the lead vocal and I got to do the girlishly-high background vocal.

Our three children's choirs sang at this point in the service. I've really grown to appreciate our kids' choirs and their leadership team. They are less about performance than they are in leading our people in worship when they sing. While they can be cute, their singing is never a showcase to see the children "perform."

Thank You Lord (Don Moen / Paul Baloche) - key of F/G - Again, very appropriate to sing on the day we dedicate something to God. This song is always uplifting to me.

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? (Martin Smith) - key of C - I believe this is my most favorite song to sing with the body of believers. I've posted about it twice and will probably post it for the third time after this. I love this song! So powerful. It's a song that can seem strange when you're singing through it if you don't pay attention to what you're singing (hopefully that never happens in a worship service!)

Just As I Am (Charlotte Elliott / William Bradbury - traditional) - key of Db - We sang this at the time of commitment and invitation. The steps at the front of the stage were full in both services! (This link will take you to, since this is a public domain song and there's not definitive arrangement. We did it with guitar and piano.)

Everlasting God (Brenton Brown / Ken Riley) - key of A - Instrumentally, we do this song as a sort of hybrid between Tomlin's slow version and Lincoln Brewster's fantastic, high-energy version -- Brewster's instrumental sound and Tomlin's arrangement. It was a great way to close the service and encourage people as they move into the coming week.

How did things go at your worship meeting?

"Sunday Setlists" is a worship leader community blogging effort that allows us to read about what other fellowships are singing each week. It's fascinating to see the variety of music being sung, and it's a great way of discovering new music that can be used congregationally. It also helps when I've been doubtful about whether or not a song would "work" congregationally and I'm able to see that other fellowships have embraced it (like Chris Tomlin's "I Will Rise," for instance -- listen for that one on Easter at Wall Highway).


Anonymous said...

Excellent IMO!!


steff said...

Awesome! It's great to hear that you got to remodel your preschool facility. I love it when churches place priority in the children's ministry, remodeling and making a great place for them rather than sticking them in a room somewhere and assuming that kids don't care.

steff said...

BTW: love the setlist banner!

Beth said...

cool...looks like a fun day. I love 'Everlasting God' at breakneck speed, for some reason...

Love the 'setlist' pic!!!! Well done!!!

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