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15 March 2009

Sunday's Music - March 15, 2009

Welcome to EGBDF's contribution to Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival -- Week 34. Thanks to Fred McKinnon! I intended to make the song titles above into links, but didn't take the time this week.

In the 9:30 service, the countdown timer went to zero and I had the choir stand for the opening song, a great, bluesy version of "Jesus, Lover of My Soul." I counted it in and heard no band. I looked at Dave, the drummer, and he nodded. I counted in again. No music. I looked frantically at Dave, who looked like something was wrong. Counted in a third time, very deliberately, and when the music started, the piano was noticeably absent. I looked to my right and noticed that Ann, the pianist, was still taking her son to the nursery. Oops! Everyone covered remarkably well. I smiled and wanted to kick myself.

Here's the music we did today:

Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Daniel Grul / John Ezzy / Steve McPherson) - key of G - I really liked the feel of the instruments on Integrity's "Simply Integrity" choral arrangement. My mess-up in the first service made us lose some of the nice opening guitar licks.

Power of Your Love (Geoff Bullock) - key of G - This one used to be a staple, but we haven't sung it in a very long time. I was amazed that this one is now a whopping 17 years old!

Love the Lord (Lincoln Brewster) - key of G - Straight up Scripture -- perfect.

Savior (Ross Parsley / Matthew Fallentine) - key of A - When we introduced this one in January, we sang it four Sundays in a row. It seemed very familiar, yet fresh all over again. I love the opening line: "I have seen with my own eyes Your faithfulness, O God." We closed with this song in the first service, and decided that it needed to be in the main section of music for the second service (and we closed with it, too).

Great is Thy Faithfulness (Traditional) - key of D - Wonderfully encapsulates our relationship with God. (The link goes to the Lincoln Brewster rendition.)

Refiner's Fire (Brian Doerksen) - key of E - Our song of response to the Word and commitment.

You know, honestly, I was disappointed in myself today. The music coming from my hands (on the guitar) and from my mouth felt very scripted. Of course, I consciously selected the music because I found the words and the music to be expressive of what I felt that the believers at Wall Highway needed to be singing and saying today. Not that kind of "scripted," though, and I wasn't particluarly focused on execution nor was I overly conscious of myself. Just one of those odd days.


Ninfa said...

Power of your love is 17 years old?!?! That's as old as Lydia... hard to believe. I'm trying to think about the first time I heard that song and I can't remember. hmmm

FYI - still praying. :o)

Dean Lusk said...

And did you know that "Refiner's Fire" is 19 years old? Crazy...

Thank you for praying! I think wisdom is the only "I want" request I'd have. I have too much other stuff -- just not enough of that.

Justin said...

Great songs.
Some oldies.
That i haven't heard in a long time. wow.
I would have loved to hear your starter song- Jesus Lover of My Soul.... jazzy opener? man, i want to hear that! :)

Jenni Clayville said...

Great old songs!!! QUALITY.

They bring back great memories for me sitting around a campfire feeling totally connected to God.

I'll need to bring some of these back. Thanks for the reminder!

steff said...

Love New Life's song "Savior"! I've been listening to that one a lot lately and I agree that line is awesome "I have seen with my own eyes Your Faithfulness oh God".

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