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01 March 2009

Sunday's Music - March 1, 2009

Welcome to the EGBDF entry for Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival -- Week 32. Thanks to Fred McKinnon for facilitating/inventing/being cool and what-not. I decided not to post links to songs this week because I assume everyone will know them.

The kids from our children's services came over to lead the adult worship music today. Not the children's choirs, but the everyday Sunday kids who sing. The children were the choir. I made the decision to not announce it ahead of time because I didn't want people to get the idea that it was a children's musical, special performance, etc. It was simply the kids leading worship music. We may do this more often!

I expected a low turnout today due to a decent amount of snow (for Alabama on March 1) and a bit of ice on the roads, but both services were pretty well-attended, all things considered.

  • Every Move I Make (David Ruis)
  • Days of Elijah (Robin Mark)
  • Friend of God (Michael Gungor / Israel Houghton)
  • We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin)
I noticed something this week. I noticed that it's far easier to learn a brand new song than to have to learn an old familiar song in a slightly new way. Different keys, a different chord here or there, different endings, etc. -- we learned the songs the same way the kids' split tracks do them (which is how they sing them in the children's services). It was a little odd.

The kids did hand motions to all the songs, and an odd thing was that the people and worshippers in the 9:30 service actually participated more in doing the hand motions than those in the 11:00 service, which is typically the more animated group.


Justin said...

man- haven't sang we fall down in a while! :)

Jim Drake said...

great idea on the kids leading.... may have to steal that idea from you.

i hear you on diff. arrangements. I cant pull a new one on an old tune.. they remember and let me know!

steff said...

Sounds sweet! Kids are so much fun! Great idea.

Worship Dude said...

We did some kids music on a Wednesday night and the older crowd was doing the hand motions. I was amazed!!


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