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22 March 2009

Sunday Setlists - March 22, 2009

Welcome to EGBFD's entry into Fred McKinnon's Sunday Setlists blog carnival, week 35! (The graphic above is so last week...)

No hiccups or problems today! Yeah! Drummer Dave, though, called me last night letting me know he'd sprained his kick drum ankle, so drummer John came to the rescue and contributed his gifts perfectly. I love my team!

I'll get this out of the way: I broke down this week and did the ol' one-two combo; that trusty worship leader medley that is all-inclusive, offendng no one, that will allow you to definitively say, "We have a blended servce!"

At the beginning of the services I opened verbally with a welcome to guests (in the second service revealing the secret of why we say "guest" instead of "visitor" - the latter mentally coveys "outsider") and offered a sermonette on prayer. That is, if you say you're going to pray for someone, do it. I'm not sure how many families and people our church body has promised to pray for on the day they join or publicly announce their new relationship with Christ, and I shudder to think of how often we may not have followed through with it as a church body.

How Great is Our God/How Great Thou Art (Chris Tomlin / Jesse Reeves / Ed Cash, Stuart K. Hine) - key of G - I don't think that we've done this particular medley in the five or six years I've been in leadership at Wall Highway. That's because I'm stubborn and haven't wanted to be a conformist. However, I have to admit that it absolutely focused everything on our great God right from the start. Great!

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) (Marc Imboden) - key of G - One of the more wordy songs in existence. No worries, though. Singing that many names of God is fantastic! We were going to do this one with the Integrity iWorship MPEG video (with click track for the drummer), but due to the last-minute switch in drummers, we did it with "regular" lyric projection.

God is Great (Marty Sampson) - key of A - Slightly little high after the previous marathon lyric set, but it really built on the previous focus of our attention and song.

Spirit of the Living God (Daniel Iverson / Lowell Alexander) - key of D - While "traditional," this one's still under copyright, so it's technically not what most people would officially call "traditional," I suppose. It allowed us to ask God for the one Gift we always so desperately need.

It was a phenomenal day to sing and worship and hear the Word with a bunch of family members!


Randy Neufeld said...

Hey Dean,

Great songs, all ones that are part of our "playlist".

"Spirit of the Living God" - wow ... so great to see some of these older songs reappearing in setlist.

Thanks for the comment over at Shine! "It's Time for the Reign of God" is actually written by the same author as "Come Now is the Time To Worship", Brian Doerksen (fellow Canadian!).

Be Blessed,

Justin said...

great you guys started out with How Great? was it med tempo? or slow? I'm trying to figure out how to pull this off without killing my congregations enthusiam. When I've done a more worshipful song for a starter- it's like people say in their heads "Great! slow stuff first- buckle up kids this is going to be a bumpy ride" and i never can recover that energy.... so i was interested in your set list today. :)

Dean Lusk said...

Randy, I'm going to give that one a listen. I assume it's a hugh-energy song...?

Justin, we did it slowly; just the way Tomlin did on the "Passion" recording. This is something I've really done soul-searching about. Ever since I began leading worship, I've said, "This is not about entertainment," but as I've taken a step back and looked, I don' think I can back that up with facts.

Looking at the songs we sing and when we sing them, I think that I've been doing it the wrong way.

As a rule, I believe our songs of repentance, confession, and entering into worship with reverence should come before the songs that are high-energy or praise-focused. Looking at the Bible, before anyone can genuinely worship God, they have to get rid of the garbage that's in the way.

So for the past month or so I've deliberately looked at what words we're singing, and I've been trying to put them in what I believe is the correct order to come before the throne of God.

That typically means that the slower songs come before the faster ones, and sometimes it doesn't "work" the way we've all been taught that it should -- sometimes there is a lack of energy, but while I don't want the congregation to disengage, I don't want to adjust the music to elicit a desired emotional response.

It's a learning process, or maybe a "deprogramming" process. This is something that I'm trying to teach our congregation by easing it in. My team even still thinks I'm just a little crazy, I think.

I'm not sure if that made sense. I hope it did.

But today, by the way, we didn't lose any energy at all. It seemed to be perfect.

steff said...

Great set Dean! We did "How great is our God" this week also. We had great response from the congregation. I think the famliarity of this song allows for the people to really sing out.

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