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12 March 2009

More Intimidating in Real Life

In the movie Transformers, there's a point at which the two heroes of the movie make a decision to get into the car (which is actually a robot) and let it take them where it will -- to adventure! Watching the movie, my instinct is to think, "I'd get into that car in a hearbeat." The robots, I think, are cool and I'd love to see them in real life.

Flash to real life, then. A few years ago my son and I were eating in the food court at a local mall, and an odd thing happened. From one of the service entrances came a robot that was about eight or nine feet tall. Except it wasn't a robot, really. It moved freely; it sprung around, it danced, and it moved with quick, fluid motions. I knew that there was a person inside and that someone was paying for this to happen, but when it got close, I can't describe how intimidating it was. Really. Eight or nine feet is incredibly big!

Christians are often romantics. Many of us lament the fact that the Church needs to be shaken out of its overall complacency and self-satisfaction. We agree that we sometimes say we believe the Bible but do nothing to show it. We get frustrated with those who observe tradition rather than the Word of God.

But then, when we're put into a real-life situation, we fall far short ourselves. We're obviously better at prescribing action for others than at making it translate into our own lives.

Even the simple acts of love and service (maybe warping your schedule to serve someone else), of putting away old and bad mindsets (really believing that the child or adult who smells funny and hasn't showered in four days is as valuable to God as your own child or spouse or parent), of intentionally changing things that we do (of not listening to a single pirated MP3, movie, or using a piece of software), are intimidating or sometimes too much trouble to us to be worth it.

Stop doing the old things. If you believe something, live it.


Christy said...

I'm working on it.

Leroy said...

One question I've learned to ask myself over the years wherever I go is...Am I living the same way I would if I were around my "Church friends/family"?

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