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20 March 2009

"Creepy" Christian Worship CD Commercials?

Over at (a Christian blogging community) there's a post that's worth checking out: Are You Creeped Out By Commercials with Creepy Christians? It talks about the crowds of worshippers and participants in those "Blockbuster Trendy Worship Hits You Must Know or Else Feel Inferior" CDs. Speaking about the crowds of people in those commercials, the author (can't find who it is!) poses this line of questioning and observation: "What makes it different from hordes of people screaming and swaying with hands raised at a KISS or Aerosmith or Eagles or Styx concert? I'm not entirely sure. I think it's the fact that their eyes are closed. Or maybe I'm just being weird. Maybe I'm just embarrassed by it."

To me, the comments are every bit as interesting as the post. Have a look at these clips:

A commenter with the handle GodlessLiberal says, "I don't see much of a difference between the completely swept up people at these Christian concerts than the tween girls completely swept up at a Jonas Brothers concert."

IamKellyK writes, "Maybe I'm in the wrong for the way I feel. I mean, I love God, I get excited about stuff God does, but I don't feel the need to dance around and stuff."

A response by SWAurora was refreshing to me: "I find it completely normal. I get creeped out by people standing around with hymnals in their hands NOT raising their hands and praising God."

The thing that's probably going to bother most people I know is the point made by commenter ecoutering, who notes, "The raising hands doesn't bother me, just the fact that it doesn't seem real, that it seems like they're selling it. "

I think that the last two responses referenced above do a great job of summarizing my feelings about those commercials and about worship services in general. Never, ever forget that our observations of those around us are greatly affected by our own points of view and our love (or lack of it) for God and for other people.


Mindy said...

Should we even be judging those people in the commercial or the producers of their intentions? We don't truly know their intentions, only God does. I'll leave it up to Him to decide. Good points made though I don't think we should worry ourselves with deciding one way or the other.

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