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24 February 2009

You Can't Polish...

NOTE: The download link just below wasn't working this morning, so I've changed it. Should work now.

You really must listen to this: "Scar Wars (Main Theme)"

It is my own personal rendition of a sub-par middle school band playing "Star Wars (Main Theme)". I did it on a keyboard several years ago as a MIDI file and just this morning converted it to an MP3, which actually enhanced the overall sound quite a bit.

Background on why in the world I did this... Many years ago when I worked at local music stores, a favorite pastime of mine and the other sales professionals was to make fun of people's skillz after they left the store (only if we thought they were arrogant or snot-nosed punks, though). We'd pick up a guitar, plug it into an amp with really ugly-sounding distortion and play "Crazy Train" or "Sweet Home Alabama," bending notes ever so slightly sharp, and misfretting notes intentionally.

Yes, I know, that was not nice. Nearly the equivalent of working at a coffee shop and spitting in someone's coffee. Okay, maybe not. And it evolved into making full-band arrangements with MIDI files, and even a real-life jingle parody that I can't post because I might be sued for libel.

So anyhow, I took that "Star Wars" MIDI file and converted it from a cheesy-sounding thing (which you can download here for comparison) to a much better-sounding MP3. But does it actually sound "better"? There's more clarity and the instruments sound more authentic, but to be honest, that actually makes it sound even worse, no?

Can anyone finish the analogy for me here? There are a couple, at least.


Leroy said...

I must be a "better (polished)" Christian because...

I carry my Bible to church every week;

I sing all the songs, loudly;

I shake my neighbors hand during the greet time (if they come over to me that is);

And so forth.

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