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08 February 2009

Sunday's Music - February 8, 2009

Jumping onto FredMcKinnon's "Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival" bandwagon (about time for a new SS banner, I think), here we go...

Wait, wait... before I start, I felt a little like Ferris Beuller this morning (hey, does John Hughes still make 80's and 90's coming of age movies?). I didn't feel well this morning, and I had random people approaching me asking if I was okay -- people to whom I'd not whined. I assume that updating my Facebook status last night to "Dean is feeling sick" had something to do with that. Very, very cool that my extended family was concerned!

We've had a sermon series on several aspects involving prayer, and the key Scripture this week was Matthew 7:7-11 -- "Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for..." No worries -- it definitely wasn't a "name it and claim it" message. So I looked at songs that had to do with our communication with God.

Friend of God (Michael Gungor / Israel Houghton) - key of D - We really did this song because one of the authors has a cool last name: "Gungor." Not really. Key phrase: "Who am I that You are mindful of me; that You hear me when I call?" The link above goes to a cool live Passion '07 recording (not the way we did it today, though).

Before the Throne of God Above (Charitie Bancroft / Vikki Cook) - key of D - I wish that I could find a link to purchase this particular version of the song. It's on a compilation disc by SPIN 360 (Volume 45), but I don't know who the artist is! Any help, anyone? SPIN does versions of songs that are arranged for a more contemporary appeal and sends out a book and CD periodically, and this arrangement is nothing but phenomenal -- simple but phenomenal. If you go directly to the MP3 (by clicking the song's title), you can hear a 29-second clip, and it fades just as the instrumental interlude starts. Bummer.

By the way, I had no idea that the lyrics to this song were written in 1863! The melody that's most familiar with the words is from 1997, though. Oddly (given our theme for the day), it was originally put to the tune of "Sweet Hour of Prayer" by William Bradbury (Bradbury's photo looks pretty cool -- won't scare you like Fanny Crosby's). If you don't know it, you need to learn it.

Savior (Ross Parsley / Matthew Fallentine) - key of A - Our third week for this song. Next week the plan is to do it once more and then put it on the back burner for a little while. I highly recommend it if your fellowship doesn't already use it in services. Very easy to catch onto, and most importantly, excellent vertical lyrics (in a nutshell, "vertical" means it's a song/prayer to God).

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Helen Lemmel) - key of D/E - I'd thought that this one, from 1922, was still under copyright (a la "How Great Thou Art" and other songs that are often assumed to be public domain), but it isn't. We did the chorus twice in D, did a short instrumental, then modulated to E.

I need to post about last week's music, I think.


Fred F. McKinnon said...

Thanks a ton for posting - and YES, I love that red banner - can I use it in coming weeks on Sunday Setlists? Hope you'll stop by throughout the week at FredMcKinnon.Com, and TheWorshipCommunity.Com!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

Christy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the music this morning. Sorry to hear you're sick, though. I wasn't one of those people who asked you what was wrong - sorry about that, too.

Steff said...

Sounds like a great service. Hope you feel better soon!

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