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23 February 2009

Sunday's Music - February 22, 2009

Here's the latest EGBDF entry into the "Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival" -- thanks to Fred McKinnon for facilitating. Links to non-Public Domain songs below go to's MP3 store where you can purchase the songs (there's no DRM encryption on MP3's, by the way) for $0.99. Links to Public Domain songs go to

Today I'll do a simple list first. Elaboration is below the list.

We opened with a verbal greeting and welcome rather than beginning with a song like we usually do. We restructured the service a little bit and this seemed to work very well in keeping the overall focus once the time of worship began.

He Reigns (Pete Furler / Steve Taylor) - key of D - Dropped this one a whole step from the usual key in order to make it flow with the next song. While the phrase "all God's children" is just a little hokey to me, it's incredible to hear a chunk of God's children singing, "Glory, glory! Hallelujah! He reigns! He reigns!" Funny how times change. When we first did this song several years ago, I was actually a little nervous because it was one of the more "progressive" songs we'd done.

Come, Thou Fount, Come, Thou King (Thomas Miller / Robert Robinson) - key of D - One of the few traditional hymns that has had a new chorus added which truly compliments the original song. Powerful!

We placed the message/sermon here, after giving us and our people time to pray during the previous song and confess sin; to do what the words we'd just sung had said: allowing God to tune our hearts to sing His grace. Tom Parker, our youth pastor, delivered the message (entitled "Crooked and Perverse").

Give Us Clean Hands (Charlie Hall) - key of G - between morning rehearsal and the start of the first service I decided to move to piano for this song (rather than playing acoustic guitar). Worked quite well, as Anna was on keyboard rather than piano, and we had Josh on acoustic. This, too, was such a powerful song; a powerful prayer.

You Are God Alone (Not a God) (Billy Foote / Cindy Foote) - key of C - We moved this key from alto-range Cindy Foote's original key (was it Ab?), but my wife Callie, an alto, sang the verses. I do believe this is now my favorite song of worship.

Happy Day (Ben Cantelon / Tim Hughes) - key of C - We finished the worship service in super-high-energy praise mode, far different from our usual meditative tone. I believe we will continue to do this. It's as if it put words to our commitment from the morning. I had stayed on piano, so went into Chuck Berry mode. (or whatever mode it is where you get to do a falling glissando on the piano -- the equivalent of a pick slide if it were a guitar) and play "Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching!" on the choruses.) In the 11:00 service a large-ish lot of people spontaneously did hand motions, a la YMCA. It was awesome!!

It was one of the most inspiring and uplifting services I've ever been a part of. Kept me in a perfect frame of mind to speak at the evening service. I may post my sermon notes from that service if I can get them into a presentable format and remember all the extra things I said that I didn't write in my notes.


Brian Lusky said...

hey Dean,

Thanks for the follow and for the comment on my blog! I have a relative named Dean Lusky, so I really have to pay attention to that one letter! ;)

Funny, but I'm familiar with all of your tunes. The only one I haven't done in our services is Come Thou Fount/Come Thou King, though my wife and I love worshiping to it. There are just too many great songs to introduce sometimes, right?

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks for the follow and the comment, Brian!

Odd about your relative being named "Dean," really. That's not too common of a name.

I know what you mean about there being too many great songs. I'm having a tough time deciding on the next one to introduce. I'm trying to go back a year or two now to try and pick up some of the really good ones we've missed, like "God of This City," for instance.

Justin said...

I loved that set list- very cool to end it with a Fast upbeat song. O Happy Day makes me laugh our church does the hand motions ala YMCA as well. haha It is such a fun song.

He Reigns...I have never ever been able to bring myself to learn that song to sing it church. I just can't do it! haha.

Marina said...

About a month ago we started doing a verbal intro to our worship service. Such a great idea for us. It gets people into the church from the patio quicker because they don't want to miss what's being said. We intentionally tie it into the theme of worship and/or the message. This has taken the pressure off to start with a "throwaway" upbeat song to get people in and settled.

steff said...

Hey Dean,
The idea about making a playlist with other WL's setlists is a great idea. Each week as I read through these posts I see songs that I want to consider adding. That would be a great way to keep them altogether and decide which ones really fit for our church. I added you to my roll also.

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