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15 February 2009

Sunday's Music - February 15, 2009

Another week to leech readership stats off of FredMcKinnon and the gang participating in and reading all the crunchy goodness of the "Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival"! Links to non-Public Domain songs below go to's MP3 store where you can purchase the songs (there's no DRM encryption on MP3's, by the way) for $0.99. Links to Public Domain songs go to

The Face of Love (Chris Rohman / Mark Graalman / Matt Hammitt / Steve Goodrum) - key of D - my friend and unbelievable vocalist Josh Wilhoit opened the service with this Sanctus Real song. I've loved this one since the very first time I heard it, but one of our team members said to me, "Dean, I'm sorry, but I hate this song." I asked him to go with it and I'll bet he'd feel differently about it after the week was out. He called me after services and told me that he loves it and can't get it out of his head. (Funny -- I usually can't stand it when I can't get a song out of my head. You know, like: "Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart. I just don't think it understands." That one...)

Sing for Joy (Lamont Hiebert) - key of G - Our electric guitarist plays mandolin on this one. I even left the original wording in the song today: "Give Him your love; He's in love with us," although I still don't totally agree with the implications of that phrase. This is one of the songs whose melody perfectly conveys the fantastic joy of the words.

You Shine (Brian Doerksen) - key of E/F# - originally had this one at the beginning of the service so our keys would progress from E to F# to G over the first two songs, but decided at rehearsal that we'd do it this way. By the way, I'm not sure why singing a C# is so difficult early in the morning. Going up to a D# was tough, too.

It Is Well With My Soul (Horatio Spafford / Phillip Bliss) - key of C - We kept this one rather low-key; acoustic guitar-driven with strings, piano, and some cymbal accents. To hear these verses sung by a crowd of believers (and probably some non-believers) is nothing short of incredible. Shivers, you know...

Awesome in This Place (Dave Billington -- not the Hillsong tune) - key of D - another song that has music (on the chorus, anyhow) that perfectly matches what the words say. Again, to hear this one sung by a large crowd of believers is awesome!

In our 9:30 service, we opened with a video about love (a four-letter word; and do we mean it when we say it?) that was a little too-low key to open the time of worship. Not that there's a prescribed way of doing things, but at that point in the service it was a bit of a downer -- not a good, convicting kind of downer. In the second service we flip-flopped the video and "Face of Love" (which was in the middle of the earlier service) and both the video and the song worked better; adding to the focus and theme of the service.


Russ Hutto said...

Is that the Awesome In This Place that starts off...As I come into your presence...past the gates of praise?

If so, I love LOVE LOVE that one!

great list today.

Thanks for sharing.

Dean Lusk said...

That's the one. Thanks for the visit & the look at the setlist!

steff said...

"It is well" is a great hymn. Love the Shane & Shane version.

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