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18 February 2009

Mid-Week Update

The pace of life has been phenomenally hectic lately. That's been reflected in my infrequent posting the past couple of weeks.

I've been frustrated with myself in some ways because of that. If I can barely keep my head above water meeting obligations, how can I have headroom in life (that link goes back to a post from November 2007; one of my favorites) to spend one-on-one, life-changing time with my Creator, to show my family that I love them by my actions and attitude, and to literally serve other people as an expression of my love for them?

The neat thing is that most of what I do on a day-to-day basis is done to serve people -- to help them grow in their relationship with Christ, and to lead people to meet Christ. It's a downer, though, that sometimes we have to go non-stop in order to meet our obligations and our calling. I'm thankful that I have the privilege of doing that.

I am preaching this coming Sunday night at Wall Highway. On another window of my computer is a working set of notes -- the third set (the third possible theme of the message).

The cool thing about this opportunity is that I don't have to fit the truths that God's given me in between songs. The slightly daunting thing about that is that I'm used to being pretty short and concise when I say things in services. Since I talk quite a bit otherwise, though, I'm excited. May I step on toes where required, and may I encourage where that is required.


Christy said...

Cool! I'll be praying for you to be prepared this Sunday p.m. God has done amazing things in your life and I'm excited for you to have this opportunity to talk for a longer stretch of time about what He has done and is showing you.

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