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01 February 2009

Making Scents

I have a vanilla air freshener in my vehicle. It doesn't really smell like vanilla, though. Not even coconut (which is typical of some vanilla-scented things). It smells most like Play-Doh. Helps me to relive my childhood, I suppose.

In thinking of other stuff that's supposed to smell like one thing but really smells like another, I thought of various disinfectant sprays. It doesn't really matter what the can says its delightful, fresh scent is supposed to be ("Spring Waterfall," anyone?); they all generally smell like disinfectant sprays. Glade air freshener? I'll give you one guess what I think its floral scent actually smells like.

So how about me? I have a label -- Christ-follower -- yet I wonder if the way I "smell" actually communicates that.

(Taking the analogy a bit further, and in a slightly more disgusting direction (you're warned, so stop reading if you like...), when one applies deodorant to a body that smells like B.O., what's the typical result? Actual covering of that disgusting smell? In my experience, it smells mostly like deodorant-scented B.O. I'd venture to say that's what it's like when we attempt to put on a front that we're living for Christ without actually allowing Him to wash us.)


Leroy said...

What about the cars that just keep adding air fresheners on top of each other. To the point that the rear view mirror falls off.

Are we fixing the smell or just covering it up? The more we ride in the car the more we don't smell the bad stuff anymore. But when someone rides in your car, it smells like "mildewed (or pick your smell) new car".

When a brother or sister in Christ joins you for a ride, so to speak, and they notice something doesn't smell right, listen to what they have to say.

Ninfa said...

I did a Study with one of my teen sunday school classes once where we went through the book "How to smell like God" by Steven James. It was a good study. It touched on some of what you are talking about.

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