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04 February 2009

Just Exactly What the Facts Is

1) "...unless I got myself together, I would watch me fall apart..." - from Relient K's "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been"

2) "I can't get no satisfaction..." - from The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

3) "Between you and I and the starlight of the sky..." - from Jessica Simpson's "Between You & I" (or "I feel the magic between you and I" - from Eric Carmen's 80's hit "Hungry Eyes" -- yes, he's apparently still singing. Check out the glamour shot at the top left of his home page. Yii!)

Each comes with a question: what's wrong with this phrase? Without stating the rules of grammar, each lyric above is gramatically incorrect. These are just a few drops in a great ocean of lyrics with special grammar modifcations. Of course, if the rules were observed, Mick Jagger would have been singing, "I can't get any satisfaction," and it might not have had the same catchy ring (assuming that you thought it had a catchy ring in the first place).

I had lunch with some friends the other day, one of whom is an atheist, and one of the interesting things that was brought up was that when one enters the workforce, he or she must learn to accept a level of corruption with which they're comfortable. Is that right? While it may be acceptable for someone who doesn't follow Christ, is it acceptable for those of us who do? As with the song lyrics, does the end justify the means?

I believe that sometimes Christ-followers learn to live with a little bit (or even a lot) of compromise because we feel like our lone voice in a sea of corruption would be dismissed, or worse, that it would get us canned. Is this similar to saying, "Not at all!" when our spouse asks us, "Does this outfit make me look fat?" or answering, "I love it!" when she (or he?) asks, "What do you think about my hair?" when we really think the opposite?


Tony M said...

Heh, I like the cracker box.

My dad, as CFO of Instrument Control Services, once was asked about an expense, whether it should be claimed. It was a minor thing, meant a few extra bucks if inappropriately claimed. His response was, "Did we use it?" (Or something similar.) The point being, claim exactly what you used. Don't leave claims for expenses that were not actually expended (I think it may have been in a tax form).

Admittedly, as CFO, he had a slightly "higher" position in this sort of instance, but the principle is the same. And, no, we should not "adjust to" some level of corruption. That being said, where do we draw the line? Is it wrong to stand by and do nothing while knowing of corruption going on? (From an ethics standpoint, you're guilty if you don't blow the whistle - that is, for "looking the other way.")

Tough, sometimes, to do the right thing. Tougher, even, to do the right thing and still love the people around you (when they're "persecuting" you for doing what was right). People often say, "I'd die for Jesus if it came to that" - but are we living for Jesus UNTIL it comes to that? I think the dying is easy. It's the living that's the struggle.

Am I off topic yet?

Anonymous said...

Do we really know what is right or wrong? We talked about this yesterday at lunch; do we believe what we know is true - or believe what the Pastor (or someone else)says is true? I guess the reason I bring this up is to ask this question; "What is ethics?" Look at Washington - it is full of corruption - yet, these same people are the ones who determines what is ethical for the workplace! Is it any wonder we are confused about how to act.

The simple solution for us Christians is to perform our jobs as if Christ is standing there watching us. (Um - HE IS!!!)


Christy said...

I like the cracker box, too. I also remember a song I wrote years ago that had a grammatical error, but it worked, and you commented on it. ;) (you just can't help yourself, can you?)

I remember when I was in the work force just how difficult it was. There is so much evil running rampant! It is easy to become acclimated to it, too. I agree with Tony about the ready to die for Jesus vs. ready to live for Jesus. It's the every day stuff that gets me, but I've confessed to that here before many times.

Anonymous said...

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