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24 February 2009

If Jingles Were More Revealing

An alternate title, "Truth in Advertising," would be a lot more boring.

Here is a jingle parody (link updated -- 03 01 09) I recorded about a local music store where I used to work (I recorded it while I was working there, just for fun). It was done quickly, hence the pitchy vocals. No apologies there. The "bleeps" in the audio do not mask curse words; they replace the name of the store. While this was not the actual attitude of our store, it sure was fun to write the jingle.

Stop here. If you didn't download the jingle at the link above, do that now, because the rest of the post won't have nearly as much impact if you don't. I happen to know (Big Brother told me) that people are reading, but at least half are not downloading the jingle. Where's the fun in that?

There, now you may start reading again.

(A couple of notes: The voiceover is pretty bad, but I don't have a version without it anymore. Otherwise I'd replace it with something a little more inspired. The guitar solo behind the voiceover was an inside gag -- in our minds it mimicked the playing style of some of the younger partons who tried out guitars. This will make you never want to go into a music store again, I'm sure. We were mean in those days.)

My question for the day is, if we were to begin advertising for our churches with jingles and had to be totally truthful in them, would the words parallel our professed God, mission, attitude, and mindset? Or would we have to do something more along the lines of the music store jingle? I'm not beating up the bride of Christ. I'm just asking if our jingle would say something like this (it sounds more like an old limerick):

We shouldn't be grumbling; we shouldn't complain,
But you should have been there for "worship" today.
We had to sing one line about 80 times.
And none of the songs was a favorite of mine.

Get this: in the classroom we froze off our cans
I hope that they fire that dumb maintenance man.
With so many problems, not sure why I stay,
But won't you come join us in God's house today?



Christy said...

NO! and you can't make me! Or as Dwight would say, "Don't tell me what to do!" ;0)

Leroy said...

Kind of a side-track question...if it got more people in to hear the gospel and learn the truth about Christianity, would a truthful jingle be 'ok'? Or should congregations stick to the more typical/stuffy "come to our church" commercials?

mandy said...

The link wouldn't work for me. :( Sad that I can't hear the jingle. I enjoy listening to others' musical creations.

Dean Lusk said...


Sorry about that; link is updated.

Jeff said...

great jingle. i'm jealous. all my years in music retail, and they never let us "demo" the stuff...hands off; no generating original works with the MPC or the brand-new Trinity even though it was BEGGING for someone to try it out. I thought we could have sold lots of stuff if people could have seen how it worked. And, warranties? Whatever. The only warranties we gave were for school rental instruments, and that was just because the state gov't. wouldn't renew our rental contract if we didn't offer it. Later, the management changed, but the guy I worked for...whoa,... name was Scrooge, or something; and if the weather was bitterly cold, he let us have a few extra coals...

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