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14 February 2009

The Baseball Code

I used to love collecting baseball cards. When I started, I just liked to collect cards of great players and enjoy the hobby because of my love for baseball. As I progressed, I began to hunt the Special Gold Foil Diamond Power Homerun Limited cards and what-not, as did the rest of the card-collecting community. Not only did the number of limited edition cards get laughably insane, but I couldn't afford to collect that stuff, so I eventually stopped. (Hey, I could probably make that into some analogy...)

One of the sets of cards I collected along the way was the 1963 Fleer set. I loved this one! Relatively few cards in it (a paltry 67), chock-full of great players (Bob Gibson, Bill Mazeroski, Brooks Robinson, Willie Mays, etc.), and one card spurring a quest for everyone to find it in good condition (Joe Adcock). And through the years, I've come to find some interesting parallels. I present the following for your consumption:

'63 Fleer set: small set
The book of James: small book

'63 Fleer set: relatively easy to collect
The book of James: relatively easy to study

'63 Fleer set: lots of super-stars
The book of James: lots of heavy-hitting passages

'63 Fleer set: Topps sued Fleer over the set
The book of James: errr... no good parallel

'63 Fleer set: sometimes difficult to find favorite cards in good condition
The book of James: sometimes difficult to find people living out favorite passages

Know of any undeniable parallels I've missed here? Better yet, do you have any of your own not-very-obvious associations? (For instance, I mentally associate road intersections with the old Atari 2600 version of "Asteroids" -- a boring story for another time...)


Leroy said...

'63 Fleer Set: Old
EGBDF Blgger: Old(er than me!)

Heh, heh, heh.

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