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02 January 2009

New Link!

A couple of friends have begun blogs for 2009, and I've added one of their sites to the links list; Steve Manning's Netkritter, a blog about technology trends. Already it looks way interesting! Another friend's blog looks to be a little more personal -- family and friends -- so I'll wait on the green light from him before linking.

A little history... Steve is an old friend of mine. I met him and several other now-good-friends playing a nerdy-sounding-but-cool online game called Space Empires (which was purchased by a company called Skotos and developed into a game called Galactic Emperor: Hegemony). My friend Steve G still has his old Space Empires Rogues' Gallery site up! I'm "Laudio" in the list at that link.

Out of the hundreds of people I met in those games, only a handful wound up "sticking" as friends. I could go on and on about how the game gave great insight into a person's personality, butI'll leave it at that. I really value these friendships. Three of the guys are named Steve, and at one point I was awarded honorary Stevehood, for Steve-ish valour in the games. :)

By the way, Steve Manning has a couple of books I recommend (follow the links to They're about WWII, but even if you're not a war buff, you'll find these very interesting. Perspectives on the contributions of "common" men and women. Good reads!


Christy said...

Too bad their name(s) isn't(aren't) Ted. Then you'd have your wish come true - soft of. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Dean's Certificate of Honorary Stevehood (PDF version) is still posted in the Rogue's Gallery. He truly is worthy of the name.

Anonymous said...


I'm happy with being a Steve.

What's with the wish to be a Ted?


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