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21 January 2009


I suppose I could just Google for this, but it's a little more entertaining to get speculative answers from random people. Plus, Google snd Wikipedia could be wrong!

Why is the vast majority typical commercial music sliced into three-and-a-half minute chunks? Attention span of the listener? Memorization skills of the musicians? Just because it's been done that way for a very long time? An advertising air time conspiracy on the part of radio stations?

And a really good song with a great musical "hook"... If the hook is so good, why not double the length of the song so you could do it twice as many times, keeping the listener from having to manually repeat it?

And does MTV have any programming that deals with music anymore?


Anonymous said...

Commercials - need I say more.

I hate (did I say HATE? - I meant dis-like) it when the announcer (disc jokey) talks over the intro of a song or when they cut the end off. What are they thinking?


Jake Woods said...

On of the big things in hardcore music right now (especially in our particular local scene) is 10 minutes long epics. I don't think those will be played on a radio anytime soon, and i don't think it has anything to do with the length of the song ;).

Ya, keo, that angers me too. haha.

Leroy said...

It certainly is NOT the memorization skills of (or lack thereof) the musicians. If that were the case, they wouldn't be able to roll off song after song and set after set.

Some of the best long songs did have great hooks..."Ice Ice Baby", "Achey Breaky Heart". Heh, heh...

And/or they had some really good musicianship. Some Meat Loaf (not the food) "epics" come to mind (not really a Meat Loaf fan, but he did/does have skills).

Ahhh, all that to say "yep, Keo is right...commercials".

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