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28 December 2008

Sunday's Music - December 28

As is the case all over the internet, welcome to the last edition of "Sunday Setlists" for 2008! Thanks to FredMcKinnon for inventing this whole thing. "Sunday Setlists," not the internet. We all know who did that. As always, today's post is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival!

Our music theme today: the greatness and faithfulness of God.

Great is Thy Faithfulness (traditional) - key of D - we opened the service with a much more meditative tone than usual, and I really tend to think that this may be the best way of opening a worship service in general -- recognizing God's greatness and our own insignificance in comparison.

Surely the Presence (Lanny Wolfe) - key of D/E - an old one that we haven't sung in a long, long time. Some people say that I over-think our music, but I'm always a little paranoid about singing this one. What if the presence of the Lord isn't in the place, and we're playing some mood music to manufacture a feeling? But if a handful are gathered in the presence of God in worship and five hundred are gathered but not worshiping, the presence of the Lord is still in the place. And that was not the case this morning -- the room was mostly full, and it was obvious that the huge majority had brought their worship with them.

Famous One (Chris Tomlin) - key of E - what would a Sunday be without at least one Tomlin song? It took me a long time to be able to present this one in a worship service. I thought, "God... famous?" And of course, God is very famous; dwarfing the notariety of Elvis, the Beatles, and even Boxcar Willie. But when we think of fame in the sense of glamour and glitz, we're thinking wrongly of God's fame. I think it just took me a while to get past the worldly view of fame and be able to sing to God about His fame. And I'm glad I got it resolved with myself. Awesome song.

Hosanna (Paul Baloche) - key of G - check out the link. I like Paul Baloche. This song is so powerful, and we've done it many, many times, but today the musical interludes felt a little awkward.

Forever (Chris Tomlin) - key of G - well, what would a Sunday be without two Tomlin songs? We blended this song into the end of "Hosanna" -- did the first two verses, a double chorus, and then went back into "Hosanna" to finish the music for the service. The link goes to a kids' version. I didn't really feel like sorting through the 285 search returns at

Hope that 2008 was fantastic for you! Hope 2009 will be even more fantasticker!

By the way, when I made the program out for our Christmas Eve service, I was pretty happy with it. I tried to make it look like a Christmas card, folded it to open horizontally, and had a nice script font with a passage from Isaiah on the inside flap, etc., etc., and to cap it all off, I typed "Christmas Eve 2009" as the header. D'oh!


Jan said...

Dean, I have to tell you about our funny Christmas bulletin snafu. We were listing who gave poinsettias in honor or memory of someone (yes it's about the one traditional thing we do but it pays for the poinsettias!). The typist mixed them up so it said "In Memory Of" and listed the staff, my children and parents (still living!) and management team and pastor search team, etc. We wondered if this was prophetic after the last two years!

I too - as you probably know - do a lot of Tomlin songs. One time I went to hear him one Sunday night and realized as I sang along that we had done about four that morning!

Steffanie Oltmans said...

We do a lot of Tomlin stuff too! Great stuff we did his song "Awesome is the Lord today.

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