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28 December 2008

Short Christmas Post

You need to have a look at my daughter's blog to see the new addition to the home.

Also, I'm wearing a little cross necklace that my in-laws got me. I love it! I haven't had a cross necklace in many, many years, and it actually means something to me now, as opposed to the last time I wore a cross necklace.

I have to admit that I get sad when Christmas is over. I listen to Christmas music long after sane people would have stopped. Tchaikovsky is playing on the music channel on TV right now, so I'm not the only one lacking sanity, I suppose. Someone else must be listening to this with me...

Final thought... I was going to make a whole post about Christmas movies that never saw the light of day, but I never could think of any more than the one (arguably) funny title I thought of, so I just Twittered it instead of posting it. Now, for your reading pleasure... the Charlton Heston Christmas movie idea that never got made:

Soylent Night.


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