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11 November 2008

What Hit Me?

I got into a fight yesterday and I'm fortunate that the broken glass from my glasses didn't puncture my skin!

Actually, that's not true at all. As I stopped by the church building Sunday morning to grab a few things from the sanctuary to take to our off-campus service, I happened to glance down as I walked across the parking lot. There I spied my glasses laying on the asphalt, a broken and shattered husk of their former selves.

Apparently when I was loading equipment the day before they'd fallen from my dog-chain necklace, which is where I usually hang them. I'd subsequently run over them. Rats!

Then I thought that I could get some cool new unisex glasses like Rob Bell. Then I'd be one step closer to being a great metrosexual worship leader! But then I thought that I didn't need to throw away my money.


Jeff M. Miller said...

Just close that eye and you're good to go.

Seriously, if you need new specs, check out That's where I buy mine. High quality for an ├╝ber cheap price.

Tony M said...

Reminds me of when I went outside to tie up a (stray) dog, managed to swat at a spiderweb I'd walked into (it was dark out), and managed to whack my (new) glasses. Reseated them and noticed I couldn't see very well out of the left side... the screw holding the frame together had popped out and the lens went with it. So there I am, unable to see, in the dark, trying to find a small lens in 3 to 4 inch grass. I eventually called my wife on my cell phone with a comment, "I need help."

She managed to find the lens while I, being of no use in the search, went inside to get my old glasses. I made sure to really tighten that frame screw when I put them back together.

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, Jeff! Great link!

You dare me...?

Tony, you were in your backyard and called your wife on the phone?? :) Sorry -- I know you probably took the best course of action. Just sounds a little comical.

Leroy said...

You dare me...?

I'll buy 'em if you'll wear 'em. No excuse now. :)

Christy said...

Harry Potter watch out!

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