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28 November 2008

"Tribes" Book Giveaway

At the end of Seth Godin's Tribes, I was instructed to give away my copy of the book. I've been trying to think of a good contest in which the winner will receive it. And I think I've just now thought of the perfect one...

I'll give my book to the lurker who responds to this post and presents the most compelling case about why he or she has been a lurker here at the blog. In case you're wondering what that means, a "lurker" is someone who observes without interacting. Here, I'd qualify you as a lurker if you visit the blog moderately regularly but have posted less than three comments, ever. If you're not sure if you've posted more than three but you think it might be in that ballpark, you qualify.

I don't ask this because I want to draw lurkers into commenting, but those who comment everywhere liberally, I'd think, may already be doing some of what the book says. Not that a lurker doesn't have a strong personality offline, but the book is geared toward jumping into the fray (whatever fray may be on-hand).

It's an excellent book and one that goes quickly -- not too short, but not too long. It's a secular book (that is, it's not not a religious or "Jesus" book) and can be applied to just about any situation. It goes somewhere on my must-read list, but not quite as high up there as Francis Chan's Crazy Love (for the Christ-follower) or Dave Smelzer's Not the Religious Type (for the Christ-follower or non-Christ-follower).

So jump out of lurking and join in!


Anonymous said...

Well, Dean, I lurk for several reasons...

1. There's not much television in English to watch in Lithuania and you post regularly, so why not? :)

2. You always come up with some quirky way to tie life's situations into the Bible.

3. You completely amaze me by talking about tough "religious" issues and encouraging non-Christian responses. You truly show Christ's love to others by not judging and by treating others equal to yourself.

4. I've watched what God has done in your life over the last several years and I'm amazed. It inspires me to want to be living more intensely for Christ.

Enough reasons? :)


Tony M said...

I vote for response #1! (Wait, can I apply? Guess I wasn't first anyway.)

Christy said...

Can I enter if I choose a different sign-in name? Just kidding. Let the true lurkers come forth and win.

Dean Lusk said...

Okay, I think I've left it open for long enough. I did get an e-mail from someone who reads only via e-mail, but since Julie beat everyone to the punch and was very nice and had some valid reasons, she gets the book!

So am I going to have to pay shipping to Lithuania???

Anonymous said...

Thankfully for you, Dean, you won't have to pay shipping to Lithuania. We will be home in less than a week. :)


Leroy said...

Just doing some catch-up reading today (at home with a sick child) and came across response #1 by Julie. Dean, quirky? :) Seriously though, you do bring out some good points. Point #3 is well spoken, uh, typed (not that the others are 'bad').

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