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22 November 2008


A special "thank you" to those of you who visited my daughter's blog, Catz are CRAZY! yesterday (and especially those who'll continue to frequent the site). On her inaugural day, she had 36 unique visitors and 109 page views! Rock on!

There might have been more comments, but I forgot to remove some of the restrictions on commenting until last night -- thanks go to those of you who let me know about it. If you tried to comment yesterday but were unable to, please feel free to give it another shot today.


Saidin said...

You're welcome, of course. Or is it off course...? Keep forgetting.

I like that she's starting her own blog. She writes pretty well for a 9 year old!

It reminded me to put your blog in my rss reader, too. :)

Leroy said...

Your welcome! I've been looking for something good to read around here. :)

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