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08 November 2008


What's at the top of your "thank You, Lord" list today?


Leroy said...

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness...which all leads to my family, my friends, my church, my job, and most of all, the one and only God and His son Jesus Christ!!

(I could go on, and on, and on...)

Leroy said...

(...and on, and on, and on...)

Preston N said...

I was thanking the Lord this morning for my sense of smell. I know this sounds silly, but I think we take things like that for granted. There are actually people out there who would like to have there sense of smell back.

Jan said...

This morning I am thankful for something that will seem odd to others: Yesterday Philip left to go to Baton Rouge for the Bama-LSU game. He stayed with the editors and writers for the Crimson-White (UA's paper where Philip works) in New Orleans. First of all I am thankful they made it there safely, but I am more thankful for this: Philip called me this morning and said "I've had my fill of this place. It's so dark". I was glad to hear that he was disturbed by what he really bothered him. For that I am thankful! Now I'm praying for him as he heads into Tiger Stadium amidst the wild LSU fans.

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