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09 November 2008

Sunday's Music - November 9

The EGBDF November 9 edition of the Sunday Setlist blog carnival of Fred McKinnon:

Sunday, November 9. A pretty eclectic mix today, and another short-ish song service:

Shouts of Joy (Paul Baloche / Ed Kerr) - key of D/E - I can barely believe that Paul Baloche co-wrote this one. Maybe it was before he became white, because this song has got massive amounts of soul! One of my all-time favorite praise songs. We sang this as the choir special to open the service. It's a bit older (1995), but I highly recommend this song if you haven't done it before at your church fellowship.

Not To Us (Chris Tomlin / Jesse Reeves) - key of A - This song really encapsulates the life of the Christ-follower in a sentence: "Not to us, but to Your name be the glory." (There's also the first line, "The cross before me, the world behind.") Today's service was a special off-campus one to kick off our building stewardship campaign, and this song was my first choice for congregational music; one I thought to be pretty obvious.

The Solid Rock (My Hope is Built on Nothing Less) (Edward Mote / Passion Band) - key of E - The Passion Band didn't co-write this song, but we use something very much like their version, slightly shortened.

It was a rather tiring weekend, what with setup, load-in, and load-out over the past day and a half, and I'm about to head out for choir rehearsal, which, although I'm physically tired, I'm pretty excited about.

I'd wanted the choir to do "Pat-a-Pan" during the Christmas season, but that tune obviously isn't out there everywhere in a good choral arrangement. I'd started my own arrangement and then found a CD that I had lying around with an awesome arrangement! Very modern (something I usually detest in Christmas music), but somehow preserving the Celtic feel (it's actually French, from about 1700, so it isn't Celtic at all -- I just like to wantonly throw around the word "Celtic" when describing music in minor keys). I used that version as a guide. I plan to make it into a medley with "Sing We Now of Christmas."

Standard verbiage: but for each song below, non-public domain songs are typically linked to downloadable purchases at, and traditional/public domain songs are usually linked to


Anonymous said...

Christmas. I'm glad to see someone else breaking the ice on that topic. Yes, it's time. The Solid Rock is a great hymn. I arranged it for our fellowship. Thanks for sharing.

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