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17 November 2008

Sunday's Music - November 16

Welcome to the November 16 edition of "Sunday Setlists," a ministry of Actually, I wouldn't particularly call it a ministry, but it felt like a nice, churchy thing to say. Today's post is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival!

Yesterday I was given the privilege of having a number of people take over the things that I usually do, so that I could take a weekend off. It was a remarkably good weekend, and I repeatedly thought of, and thanked God for, the extra service of those who made it possible.

Our three children's choirs led the music part of the service (no off-site links to the music this week):

Preschool Choir:

  • Oh, How I Love Jesus/Jesus Loves Me (traditional)
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart (Paul Baloche)

1st - 3rd Grade Choir:
  • Shout to the Lord (Darlene Zschech)
  • My Jesus, I Love Thee (traditional)
4th - 6th Grade Choir:
  • I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (Martin Smith)
  • Thank You, Lord (Don Moen / Paul Baloche)
  • Let Us Give Our Thanks (Douglas Nolan)

Special Music, "Adonai" (as recorded by Avalon) was sung by Tina DiMarco, a friend who'll be heading north to spend a long holiday with the family. My good friend Ted, with whom I went Saturday to take things downtown, took care of stage setup and coordination for the AM services and even led choir rehearsal in my absence. Ted is truly one of my co-laborers with Christ (as are so many others of you).

We watched a couple of movies on Saturday night, a time when I'd usually be mentally preparing for leading the next morning. We watched Jingle All the Way first and after seeing Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) in it, we watched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Whew! Who wrote the script for that stinker?! (Actually, I know the answer to that. I just didn't remember how utterly distracting the horrible dialog was. Lines that come to mind are: "Yippee!" and "This is so wizard!" and "Are you an angel?")

All in all, an enjoyable weekend, and I'm greatly looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I even did without my small, smart, and stylish BlackBerry Pearl for a day! That was weird.


thejonmorris said...

your blog looks great. never been here before but i'm linking. great set-list (little kids lead the best worship).

thejonmorris said...

Dean - your new site looks great. Our PM service is a toughy. We rock it out with a full band. it works out really well for us bc we use to bring on more musicians. it's a discipling/training ground for us.

Steff said...

Hey Dean,
I was a little hesitant about the Yeah, Yeahs in "Because of Your love" as well but it really didn't seem to bother anyone. In fact the congregation really seemed to enjoy the song. Church of the Harvest is a Church in OKC. You can listen to their music at they have some excellent songs! Definitely worth listening to.

Jan said...

good for you to take a week off. proud of you!

Anonymous said...

No Blackberry for a day??! I've heard those things are like oxygen tanks for some people. Were you trying the 'technology fast'?


Dean Lusk said...

Yes, it was a techno-fast, but it wasn't THE techno-fast. I haven't done that yet. I now know how much of a mental issue it will be. As much as I mean that in a sort of humorous way, it's totally true!

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