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21 November 2008

New Link -- My Daughter's Blog!

My nine-year-old daughter has been reading my blog occasionally, and last night she decided that she was ready to take the plunge herself. I believe she's been thinking about it for a while. She's pretty deliberate and thoughtful about what she does, and I wish I were more like her in that regard.

Her blog is called Catz are CRAZY! (the URL is -- the "z" was intentional) and will be centered around Jesse the Cat (who owns the house in which we live), primarily, with room in the margins for Prissy the Outdoor Cat and probably Hershey the Dog.

Please visit it and leave comments! I don't know if she's expecting comments (we didn't discuss this when setting up the blog), so it would be a very cool bonus for her.

My son (13 years old) has a blog, too, by the way. Video game info and personal reviews. He hasn't posted in a while, but if he decides to continue I'll be posting a link to it, as well.


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