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14 November 2008

New Layout

I have a kabillion templates that I've saved and haven't had time to experiment with, so today I thought I'd get something new implemented. Jeff Miller has been Twittering about doing this over at, and I promise, I'm not copying him! And his is going to wind up looking a lot cooler than this one, I have no doubt.

I didn't choose this template based on its name: "Communist." I found it at, and it's touted as "Furniture niche based Blogger Template." I thought that the couch was kind of a neat twist on psychiatry and thinking; that sort of thing.

I'll be tweaking the layout and adding the recent comments and other neat things in the sidebar. Comments are welcomed. I don't know if this one's going to grow on me or not.


Jan said...

Daniel is working on something for me. I can't wait!

Dean Lusk said...

And now I've got to come up with a new "Sunday Setlist" header.

Looking forward to the new layout! I think I'm going to keep digging here. Not sure if this is going to take.

beth said...

This is stunningly cool.

Ooooo. I love it.

Jeff M. Miller said...

Just like a commie, steal other peeps ideas!

Seriously, that is stinkin' cool. Now if only I could find one that doesn't suck. Problem is, I'm tied to three columns. That makes it harder. Seriously reconsidering though.

Tony M said...

I'll admit... the semi-hidden text on the couch is pretty awesome!

Christy said...

what's with the bloody hand playing the piano?

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

The writing on the couch is a little too warped; I may fix that in a non-lazy moment.

Christy, the pianist was jamming and did a big glissando from top to bottom to kick into the rocking part of "Awesome God" (not the Rich Mullins song). He broke his thumbnail and a bit of blood got on the keys.

Actually, there's no blood in that picture. It's like one of those ink blot test thingies. You see what you want to see. :)

Leroy said...

Pretty cool! The retro couch rocks!

Anthony Stephens said...

dude, the new layout is awesome.

Tony M said...

The text to the left of "egbdf" in your blog title area is seriously unreadably small - at least on my Firefox it is.

Dean Lusk said...

The tiny text was intentional. It's an anomaly of this layout -- I couldn't put the text behind the title image. I found out that shading the text the same color as the background, search engines won't like it.

How did you figure out what it said? Zooming in?

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