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19 November 2008

iTunes Deal

I'm not big on promoting secular music at my blog that's all about living for Christ (though I should note that one cannot call all secular music "bad" and be accurate), but I want to let you know about a deal on iTunes: Journey's 1981 classic album, "Escape," is on sale for $4.99. It has 14 tracks on it (the original had 10), four of them live versions of songs.

You'll also find other wonderful works like "The Best of Vanilla Ice" on sale for that same low, low price.

I've begun to use iTunes pretty regularly because it's the only way I know how to legally get every member my team recordings of the songs that we're going to do (I "gift" the song to each of them via iTunes -- $0.99 for each person I send it to). E-mailing an MP3 is quite a bit easier, but it isn't legal unless they've purchased and own the song.


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